Low cost continues to take over large operators: it will capture half of operator changes in 2024

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Price continues to be the main factor that moves Spaniards to choose their telephone company, which is translating into increasingly accelerated growth of operators low cost in Spain. In fact, it expect them to account for 53% of the highs in next year.

According to a report on consumption patterns in the consulting sector Oliver Wyman, 46% of Spaniards are considering changing operators soon and price is the most important thing for them. The report also states that more than 40% of clients who plan to change companies will do so from a traditional operator to one of low costwhile only 12% plan to take the opposite path.

The perspectives drawn by the report from the prestigious strategic consulting firm are not especially rosy for the large European operators, with the Spanish brands in this segment being the main losers.

Although the firm does note a drop in the number of total operator changes that are taking place in Spain, compared to the records of previous years, it also warns that Spain is below the rest of the European countries in terms of penetration of this type of operators compared to traditional ones.

“In an inflationary context, in which some operators have also raised prices in the last 12-24 months, households are seeking to adjust their spending. The report shows a clear European trend in favor of low-cost mobile operators that is accentuated in Spain “, says the partner of the Telecommunications, Media and Technology industry at Oliver Wyman, Beatriz Lacave. In addition, the expert adds that a certain “captivity” is also seen in the client. low cost: When you switch to an operator with these characteristics, it is very rare that you return to the client list of a traditional operator.

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