Lyrics and audio of K-pop, the new song by Travis Scott, Bad Bunny and The Weeknd

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Travis Scott released on friday july 21 K-popa stellar collaboration in which he has joined forces with Bad Bunny y The Weeknd. The American rapper has only presented the audio of the single, which mixes English and Spanish, but announced that the video clip can be seen on Saturday the 22nd. Instagram He has shared some images in which his colleagues appear in this work.

Despite what its title might suggest, it is not a K-pop style song. It is a song that is committed to combining trap, pop and funk. The term that gives the composition its title does not refer to Korean music either, but to a type of drug. The Weeknd sings in one verse: “You know that I’m high on that K-pop“. The three artists recall in their verses a past relationship, marked by parties and excesses. They mention different places in the world, such as Cannes, Saint-Tropez, the Riviera Maya and Cayo Musha, an island in the Bahamas.

K-pop is a preview of Utopiathe fourth studio album by Scott. He will be the successor to Astroworldwhich came to light in 2018. The interpreter announced a presentation of the album live in front of the Pyramids of Gizain Egypt, for next Friday, July 28.

The event can be followed in ‘streaming’ and Live Nation has assured that it will not be cancelled, despite the fact that it has generated controversy among the country’s authorities. It will take place after the tragedy that occurred in 2021 at its festival Astroworldin which a stampede of people ended up causing the death of 10 people.

Travis Scott I had previously collaborated with The Weeknd on topics like Power Is Power, Pray 4 Love, Wake Up y Skeleton. Moreover, the rapper had remixed Krippy Whoof Bad Bunnywhile the Puerto Rican had done the same with one of the American songs, Know No Better.

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