Maduro surrounds himself with collaborators and allies of Zapatero in a supposed peace conference

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“Until 2050!” he harangued Nicolas Maduro to terminate the supposed National Conference for Dialogue, Peace and Coexistence, convened in the midst of the attack against the members of the National Primary Commission (CNP) with the excuse of ratifying the Barbados Agreements, signed last week with the opposition and with the supervision of the United States.

The “people’s president” surrounded himself with businessmen, religious leaders and collaborators of the false opposition, among them the two close allies of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero in Caracas: deputy Timoteo Álvarez and Antonio Ecarri, candidate for next year’s presidential elections, who refused to compete in the primary elections called by the opposition.

Despite the fact that with the attack against the internal elections of the opposition, Maduro fails to comply with the Barbados Agreements, the “son of Chávez” caused the signing of a document to demand the withdrawal of sanctions, what Chavismo calls “unilateral coercive measures.”

“It’s like the Gaza Strip, The bombings come and kill everyone they find, they don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl. This was the bombardment of sanctions missiles, they hit everyone. Or did the missiles just fall on Maduro?” preached the revolutionary leader, who also had the support of several leaders of evangelical churches.

The head of state also assured that these sanctions, around 900 according to the official count, are impossible blackmail. “We are not extortable, We are not blackmailable. We do not have that weakness, we are not afraid of anyone in this world! “She assured.

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