Mauricio Macri, seduced by Javier Milei, who wants him as a super ambassador if he wins the Presidency of Argentina

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The wave that propels the ultraliberal populist Javier Milei towards the Presidency of Argentina got a surfer unexpected, former president Mauricio Macri. Seduced by the ideas of the leader of La Libertad Avanza (LLA), the politician who governed the country between 2015 and 2019 shows at times more enthusiasm for Milei than for his own candidate, Patricia Bullrich. And this enthusiasm is mutual, because Milei has already announced that he will designate the former president as a “super ambassador” if he wins the elections on October 22.

“If I am president, Macri would have a prominent role as a representative of Argentina. He would be a figure above… a representative of the country, I don’t know how to define it, the figure would have to be created, it is someone who can open markets“, said Milei in radio statements this Saturday. It was the return to some statements in which the former president publicly sponsored a man who proposes the dollarization of the Argentine economy, demolishing the Central Bank, going back with the abortion law and cutting relations with countries like China and Brazil for “communists”.

This project has the support of los Steve Bannon who are around the world, have a lot of money to pay for campaigns and are a chapter of an international whose flagship project is dollarization,” said the analyst Ignacio Zuleta in Clarion.

Neither Vox nor Giorgia Meloni went as far in their proposals as Milei. It is thus understood that the libertarian and ultra-liberal wants to take advantage of Macri, who has very good relations with many world-class leaders, to moderate his image and make it palatable to Washington and Brussels, especially if he settles in the House on December 10. Pink.

Diana Mondino, the economist that Milei chose as Minister of Foreign Affairs in the event of being president, relativized the veto to the “communists”. But she will take her precautions and send a message to China: “I am going to be careful what I sign with you, you are an autocratic country.”

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