Middle East and war fatigue drive down private donations to Ukraine

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As it lengthens over time, and in the context of the new conflict in middle Eastthe ukrainian war It loses interest in public opinion and the thousands of NGOs that have appeared to help the Army and civilians who are victims of war find it increasingly difficult to attract volunteers and raise funds.

“Normally I received more than a thousand dollars a month in donations; this month I will barely reach a hundred dollars,” he tells EFE. David Brymeran Israeli-American combat medic who volunteers in Ukraine instructing soldiers in tactical medicine.

Brymer pays a good part of his expenses out of pocket and compensates for losses with private donations from the United States, which is now suffering from the so-called war fatigue and the emergence of new emergency situations in the Middle East.

“Most of my donations come from synagogues, and now that this conflict has broken out in Israel, many of them are directing their help to organizations that need support in the Middle East,” he explains.

“Everyone is tired of war and many people do not have the financial capacity to continue donating,” he says about another reason for the drop in income. This wear is also seen in Ukraine.

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