Neither bottled, nor on the beach, drinking sea water seriously harms health

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Towel, umbrella, sunscreen… and a glass to serve a drink of seawater as soon as you set foot on the beach. Although it may sound strange, there are people who are strong advocates of drinking a good glass of seawater every morning to be healthy and strong as an oak tree.

others prefer drink that bottled sea water, I suppose that because they live far from the beach and going down every morning to have a drink is not possible for them. Whether for one reason or another, what is clear is that ingesting seawater is not a recommended practice that can be dangerous. Pour yourself a glass of mineral, bottled or tap water and make yourself comfortable before reading on.

Although you may think that it is a recent fad, nothing could be further from the truth. The first written testimonies we have of this practice are those belonging to the French physiologist René Quinton, who at the end of the 19th century began to sell the “Quinton’s plasma“: nailsolution based on diluted sea water which, depending on the case, was injected, drunk or sprayed on the skin.

Everything for, assured this Frenchman, cure all kinds of infections or diseases and also prevent them. A crazy theory that science could never prove but that filled their pockets.

The position of the Ministry of Health leaves no room for doubt: andhe marine plasma or marine water is a pseudotherapy on which its defenders have not even had the intention of demonstrating its effectiveness through science.

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