No more commissions: save up to 240 euros per year with these commission-free accounts

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Bank commissions are the amounts that we have to pay for the services that banks provide us. If we start adding up, we can end up paying several hundred euros a year to our bank. The striking thing is that the same service can be offered to us by another entity. totally free.

According to a study carried out by the financial products comparator, 62% of Spaniards do not rule out changing banks in the short term and one of the main reasons for give pumpkins to the current entity is to pay fewer commissions.

Fortunately for all those unhappy customers, open a free checking account It is relatively easy today if we look at the number of options on the market. Not only do online banks offer current accounts without maintenance fees, but even big banks have jumped on this boat.

Banco Santander, CaixaBank, BBVA or Sabadell are just some of the entities that sell commission-free accounts in which direct depositing a payroll is not mandatory.

The advantage of these accounts is that they are not only useful as a main account for everyday life, but also They are a solution for those clients who want to open a second account to separate your money, to share it with another person or as a secondary account in case the main one fails. In fact, many Spaniards have more than one checking account opened in their name. Specifically, 75% have two or more accounts, according to the HelpMyCash report.

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