North Korea claims it is "investigating" to the American soldier who crossed your border

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What is known about the American soldier who ran and smiled across the street? militarized border from North Korea? The event, because it is bizarre, concentrates all the ingredients to keep the public expectant. In a normal situation, there would be communication between countries, with clear information. But the situation with North Korea In between, it’s never normal. In the last 15 days there has been hardly any progress. Nothing is really known about the situation Travis King.

Amid rising tensions between Pyongyang y Washington, a few days ago a UN command had to intervene to liaise with the Kim Jong-un regime. The international organization sent a request to know the fate of King, who, according to the Pentagon, would have been immediately arrested after crossing the border.

The latest news is that North Korea, for the first time, has responded to UN requests for information: they acknowledge that King has crossed into the country and that the incident is under investigation. This was the brief answer that came last Monday. “I can confirm that the DPRK – the acronym for the country’s official name – has responded to the United Nations command, but I don’t have any substantive progress to read,” US Brigadier General Patrick Ryder said on Tuesday.

King (23), who was in South Korea as a US Army cavalry scout, met on July 18 by surprise with a group of tourists en route to the demilitarized zone (DMZ) and crossed over to the north korean side. Located along the 38th parallel, the DMZ serves as the de facto international border between the two Koreas and is heavily fortified and equipped with land mines on both sides.

One of the witnesses of the tour group told the media that the soldier suddenly he laughed and started running between the buildings. U.S. officials have reported that, as soon as he crossed, King was thrown into a van and probably transferred to Pyongyang.

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