Page criticizes a question about militancy that seems "this scratch game" in a closing of ranks with Sánchez: "We come to support our general secretary"

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“Do you support the agreement to form a government with summer and achieve the support of other political formations to achieve the necessary majority?” This is the question that the PSOE addresses to its militancy in order to legitimize not only the government pact with Sumar but also the agreement on the amnesty with Junts and ERC. A question that, in the opinion of Emiliano García-Page, president of Castilla-La Mancha, is more similar to the “scratch game that you have to play to know exactly the question.” The Castilla-La Mancha leader has confirmed that he will take a position against the amnesty within the Federal Committee, being the only dissenting voice in the face of a closing of ranks of the rest of the barons.

“We come to support a progressive agreement and to support our general secretary,” said Catalan Salvador Illa. “Any initiative that is to advance coexistence within the constitutional framework seems good to us,” said María Chivite from Navarre. “Any decision or agreement reached by the negotiating commission will be with the best interests in mind for Spain, Catalonia and Euskadi and has our trust and support,” endorsed the Basque Eneko Andueza.

“It seems good to me. It seems very close to what reality is,” has been the support of the Valencian Ximo Puig to the question approved by the PSOE leadership, will last a week and You can vote electronically and also in person next Saturday, November 4 at all PSOE headquarters throughout the country. “What is important is that there is an agreement and the way to a solution is of course, among other things, knowing that we all have to try to defuse a situation in which there was a fundamental error that came from those who initiated the process. But, In the end, what we have to do is get over this situation.”

For the Asturian Barbón, what we have to “seek are agreements that allow the governability and the investiture of Pedro Sánchez. I always support him. And that the framework in which this agreement has to move, I have said repeatedly, It’s the Constitution.” And he added: “I am convinced that if an agreement is reached on harmony, coexistence in whatever way, it will be constitutional. Because I do not expect anything else from my colleagues.”

Faced with this closing of ranksPage stands as a reference for critics. “I think that the normal thing is that when one has a position, one explains it within,” she said at the entrance to the meeting. “When it is said that what we are going to do as socialists is within the Constitution, someone may think that that is wonderful, but that is obvious. That is obvious, or are we going to try something that is purposely unconstitutional ? Has no sense. And even less being great architects of the Constitution. But the limits are not only the Constitution. Vox also fits within the Constitution.”

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