CORONA PANDEMIC: An end to the crisis is not yet in sight – WELT news channel

CORONA PANDEMIC: There is still no end in sight to the WELT news channel British government imposes three-week curfew on Wiener Zeitung Covid-19: China removes cordon from Hubei Province on ZEIT ONLINE TURKEY IN THE CORONA CRISIS: Many arrests for “provocative” Covid 19 information WELT news channels COVID-19 CRISIS: Coronavirus infection – dangers easily explained … Read more

Federal government suspends activities starting tomorrow: Health

MEXICO.- From the day of morning, all institutions Y government agencies They will suspend their activities. Except those that are considered as critical and essential, reported the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López Gatell. At a press conference, he explained that yesterday the publication of this provision was made in the Official Journal … Read more

FIGHT AGAINST CORONAVIRUS: Bundestag votes on Covid 19 supplementary budget 2020 – WELT news channel

FIGHT AGAINST CORONAVIRUS: Bundestag votes on Covid 19 supplementary budget 2020 WELT news channel Coronavirus: Bundestag resolves emergency billions BILD Corona crisis: Bundestag decides billions in aid and suspension of the debt brake Tagesschau Coronavirus: Bundestag decides historic aid package – 156 billion euros Bundestag: Scholz asks to suspend the Handelsblatt debt brake See … Read more

Doctors listed the negative effects of salt on the body

Excessive salt intake, as it turned out, not only has a detrimental effect on the cardiovascular system, but also significantly weakens the immune system. This conclusion was made by scientists from the University of Bonn based on the results of an experiment with volunteers who received a diet with a high salt content for a … Read more

Bosch launches rapid test device for corona virus

New hope in the fight against the virus: The Bosch tech group has developed an analyzer for rapid corona tests. The test cartridges should be available from April. All information in the news blog. In Germany, public life is largely restricted due to the coronavirus pandemic. The federal and state governments have banned public contact … Read more

Coronavirus in the United States: the Senate unanimously approved the $ 2 trillion economic plan

The United States Senate approved this Wednesday a economic stimulus package estimated at $ 2.2 trillion, the largest in the country’s modern history, with the aim of counteracting the effects of the pandemic of the coronavirus. The package was approved with 96 votes in favor and none against after several days of blockade by Democrats, … Read more

Postponement should be expensive, organizers say

The postponement of the Tokyo Olympics will generate “very significant costs”, the organizers admitted on Thursday. They announce the establishment of a working group responsible for managing the consequences of this historic decision due to the coronavirus. The postponement of the Olympic Games 2020 to 2021, at the latest at the summer, represents a major … Read more