Philosophers meet in rural and depopulated Spain to rethink the future

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The Department of Logic and Theoretical Philosophy of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Complutense University of Madrid has chosen a small municipality in the province of Ávila to celebrate, this weekend, its first Rural Philosophy Meeting, in which they propose to “rethink the future” from another perspective.

The quote is from June 30 to July 2 in the Old Town Hall Valley Cavesa town of just over 500 inhabitants nestled in the Sierra de Gredosin which there are more residents over 80 years of age than under 15.

One of the coordinators of the meeting, the professor of the Department of Logic and Theoretical Philosophy and vice dean of Research, Transfer and Institutional Relations, Alba Jimenezindicates that “the objective is to think philosophically about the category of the rural and take university research to unpopulated areas of the Spanish geography”.

Jiménez explains that “usually the idea of ​​progress made urban centers models or points of arrival for small towns, but if the model of society we face leads us to think of other models of consumption and social organization such as decrease, are not the towns also a mirror in which the cities must look?

“It is about thinking about urgent issues of our social reality that concern us all, such as artificial intelligence, freedom, women in the rural world or how technology is transforming the human condition, in a language accessible to everyone” , he argues.

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