Police detain former judge Presencia after failing to appear before the Court

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The Police have arrested former judge Fernando Presencia this afternoon after failing to appear before the judge of the National Court Joaquin Gadea, who issued a warrant for his arrest. In addition, Gadea has agreed to the imprisonment of three others investigated in the open case for using the Acodap association to present false complaints and earn money through contributions from people who believe they are fighting corruption.

In one of the orders, the judge agreed to the arrest of the former judge so that within a maximum period of 72 hours he is brought before the court to take a statement and decide whether, as everything indicates, his prison is decreed.

It is expected that tomorrow, Thursday, Presence will be made available to the reinforcing magistrate of the Central Investigating Court Number 6, precisely, to comply with that appearance.

In three other orders, the magistrate has agreed, at the request of the Prosecutor’s Office and the private prosecutions, the prison of three other investigated persons who have appeared in the National Court. They are Santiago and Alberto Royuela and Juan Martínez Grasa, allegedly responsible for the crimes of aggravated fraud, aggravated misappropriation, illicit association and criminal organization or group.

“We are facing a criminal organization or group, made up of those investigated, with defined roles, determined positions and a vocation for permanence, at the top of which is Fernando Presencia Crespo, who would have launched a structure exclusively aimed at his own illicit enrichment and that of some of the closest members of the organization by spreading false news,” says the judge in the prison order.

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