President Boluarte apologizes for the 68 killed in the protests in Peru

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In Boluarte rendered accounts yesterday in Peru after eight months of presidential administration, which he reached by constitutional succession after the failed coup of Pedro Castillo, whose vice president was. “[Heredé] a semi-ruined country, plunged into a serious social and political upheaval with which it was intended to overthrow the new government to impose a dictatorship”, said the first president, who has asked “for forgiveness on behalf of the State to the relatives of all the deceased” , at the same time that he has ensured that there will be no impunity for anyone.

“There is no way to repair life,” he added, while extending his hand in the face of national reconciliation. Boluarte, who is being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office for genocide, intends to pave a path full of obstacles until the end of the current legislature, in three years. Something that is still complicated despite the fact that Congress has dynamited the attempts to advance the electoral process, as the Archbishop of Lima, Carlos Castillo, made clear yesterday, who in the mass prior to the national festivities on July 28 warned that “it seems who did not realize that our people exist, suffer, the Peru of today still does not see the light. There are deaths that await justice and reparation.”

The president assured that the fatalities were 61 civilians (50 in clashes and 11 in roadblocks) and seven uniformed officers. The acts of violence and repression cost the country 1,385 million euros.

Boluarte recognized the unmitigated disaster of the Castillo administration, a “chaos” of which he was a part. He even assured that the “criminal organization” made up of the family of the teacher from Cajamarca, ministers and leaders, defrauded the country of 6,000 million euros. “Today the country begins to know the truth with details never imagined”, he sentenced.

Boluarte’s speech comes hours after Congress has elected its new authorities, surprises included. The unnatural alliance between the Fujimoristas of people force (FP) and the Marxist-Leninists of Free Peru (PL), whose electoral standard-bearer was Pedro Castillo, has elevated the moderate Alejandro Soto to the legislative Presidency, from Alliance for Progress (APP). FP shared the first vice presidency, with Nano Guerra, very close to Keiko Fujimori, and PL the second vice presidency, with Waldemar Cerrón, brother of the leader Vladimir Cerrón, main ally of the Cuban and Venezuelan dictatorships in Peru. The extreme right and the radical left united to show that anything is possible in the Andean country, including a “Fujicerronista” pact.

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