Rain and chaos at Quevedo’s concert in Vigo

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The rain and the poor organization of the Quevedo concert, at the Vigo Fair Institute, were the unwanted protagonists of this weekend in the Galician city in addition to the performance of the Canarian artist Quevedo who brought together plus 12,000 spectators.

The attendees suffered long lines in the discomfort of the rain from which they took shelter under umbrellas until they had to leave them at the entrance to the premises, according to reports The voice of Galicia.

There were even those who, in order to access a privileged place, waited in line from the night before until the early hours of Saturday afternoon when the doors of the Vigo Fair opened, before the scheduled time due to the existing crowds and the effects of storm Celine.

The highway was affected by the influx of vehicles to the Vigo Fair Institute, whose capacity does not cover the thousands of spectators who attended and who were recommended to use public transport.

The testimonies collected by The Vigo Lighthouse They report the fear “of being crushed” when entering the venue by the gathered crowd and some called the experience “hell.”

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