Rayden suspends the last concert of his career in Alcalá de Henares due to the controversy of Vox censorship

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After the release of his latest album, Rayden announced his retirement from music with one last tour that would end in September 2024 in Alcala de Henaresyour natal city.

However, the singer has decided to cancel this last show in the Madrid town, in which they now govern PP y Voxdue to the growing controversy over the censorship that these parties have generated in the town halls to which they have accessed.

And it is that, since the regional and municipal elections, which led to the establishment of a joint government between both formations in different locations through pacts, they have taken measures such as the Removal of the LGTBI flag in Nájera (Valencia), the cancellation of the screening of the film ‘Buzzlightyear’where a kiss appears between two women, in Santa Cruz de Bezana (Cantabria) and the veto of various plays and concerts in various towns.

Therefore, in this situation, whoever was a participant in the 2022 edition of the Benidorm Festhas made the decision to suspend the last concert of his career, because, according to his statement, he has always tried to make songs that talk about respectself-esteem, mental health, reciprocity, equity, feminism, integration, immigration, love (in all its forms), vulnerability” and He has “criticized any establishment that attempted against all this”.

Rayden explains that, during this final tour, “had begun to work, together with the previous government of Alcalá de Henares“, who was from the PSOE at the time, to say goodbye to his followers from his hometown. However, he comments that”with the arrival of the extreme right to the councils and seeing, with unheard of astonishment, the censorship and cultural cancellation with which art is being punished in localities with the same representation, I see myself with the moral duty to cancel my performance scheduled for the end of August 2024″.

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