Rio de Janeiro, paralyzed by parapolice militia bands that challenge the Government

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Of wonderful city a terrified city: Rio de Janeiro was plunged into terror on Monday night with bands of parapolice militiamen setting fire to 35 buses, a train, a transport station and four trucks.

In a complete paradox, the attacks on the transportation system occurred while the governor of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Cláudio Castro, congratulated the Police for the action they ended with death by Matheus da Silva Rezende, known as Faustãoy number two of the militia groups that they dispute control Rio de Janeiro criminal in tough battle with drug trafficking gangs.

“Rio’s largest militia demonstrated its strength and paralyzed the state capital in retaliation for the death of one of its main members,” he noted. The globe.

The militia band, founded more than two decades ago by former police officers, although today it involves many people who are not and were not police officers, is in the midst of an internal war. Since the death of his former boss, Wellington da Silva Bragaknown as “Ecko“, and uncle of “Faustão“, killed by the Police in 2021, the militia is going through a period of fragmentation. In turn, is under increasing pressure from drug traffickingwhich is trying to recover territories it has lost in recent years.

The militia controls areas of the populous western sector of Rio de Janeiro, but is in strong dispute with drug traffickers on very touristy beaches such as Recreio dos Bandeirantes or the Jacarepaguá area, where for years a Formula 1 Grand Prix was held.

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