Russia bombs Kherson and Ukraine again attacks Russian soil with drones

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Russia bombed the Kherson region in southern Ukraine on Sunday, where the attack left at least seven dead, while Ukraine launched several drones against Russian territory, three of which were intercepted.

According to Ukrainian Interior Minister Igor Klimenko, Among those killed in the Russian attack are a 23-day-old baby and a 12-year-old boy. “A man, his wife and his 23-day-old baby died in Chiroka Balka,” Klimenko wrote on Telegram, adding that 20 were injured in the attack, which also hit the town of Stanislav.

In parallel, the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) collects in its daily part the information on the presence of small Ukrainian reconnaissance groups on the left bank of the Dnipro Rivercontrolled by Russia, although it maintains that its quantity is not sufficient for offensive actions.

The situation may change in the event of a Russian mechanized counterattack, although “it is not clear whether the Russian forces have sufficient mechanized reserves” to now launch such an attack on that point of the front, the ISW says.

Ukrainian forces continued their counteroffensive on at least two sectors of the front, the ISW continues, where they made “significant tactical advances”. It also highlights that the military insist on advancing in the directions of Melitópol and Berdinanskkey objectives to approach the coast of the Azov Sea and cut the land corridor between the regions annexed by Russia last September and the Crimean peninsula.

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