Russia will inspect ships heading to Ukrainian ports

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Russia has specified that it will inspect ships heading to Ukrainian ports for weapons, after the Ministry of Defense assured that it will consider “potential” military target to all those shipsregardless of its flag.

“We must make sure. It is totally logical, especially after the attacks that have been committed,” said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin at a press conference.

He explained that, as is usual practice in inspections at sea, a request is sent and then the review is carried out to confirm that the ship does not carry “bad” cargo. “Now there is no longer a marine humanitarian corridor, now It is already a zone of maximum military risk“, he stressed.

After Moscow began its attempted blockade of the Ukrainian coastline, kyiv responded that it also considers any ship heading for Russian ports to be a military objective.

The diplomat has assured that, in addition to “force measures”, there are other economic-financial measures linked to the insurance of the ships involved.

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