Russian Red: "I’m a clown, a bit ‘bully’ when I like someone"

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There are several interviews Lourdes Hernández, Russian Redwhich are like tales of fall from grace and redemption. In them, the singer appears at the age of 20 or 22, as a kind of 21st century version of Françoise Hardy touched by the gift of infallible charm. Then something changes in the atmospheric pressure, there is some misunderstanding, Russian Red is no longer funny and everything that had been sweetness turns into hostility. Hernández then goes to Los Angeles because he can’t find a place further away and, from there, he begins to investigate those years. What is interesting is that her personal history also speaks of beauty as an idea: her songs never ceased to be pieces with an angel, beautiful songs on which she loaded the wrong social significance. This is a volcanothe first own theme that Russian Red It has been published since 2014, it is also like that, it is a beautiful song, full of mists and equivocal verses about falling in love as a shock.

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