Sánchez is already working on the Budgets with the nationalists to ensure a legislature "durable"

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October 3, 2023. Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s time ends and Pedro Sánchez’s begins. This is according to the calendar managed by the PSOE, assuming that the socialist leader will be in charge of trying to form a Government after the failure of the popular. The negotiations for the investiture go from clandestinity to the public sphere. The conversations acquire the label of formal. And in them the socialists are not only addressing the mere investiture vote in Congress, but also other aspects such as the General State Budgets for 2024, in order to ensure a “lasting” legislature.

Because it is one thing to be invested and another to govern. It happens that in both cases the votes of PNV, Bildu, ERC and Junts are decisive, vital. And for governance it is key to have Public Accounts. Sánchez knows this well, as he was forced to call elections in 2019 when ERC overthrew them.

“It is important to know that it is precisely about consolidating the governability of Spain for the next four years. We are not only talking about the moment of an investiture, but also about the depth that this government can develop over the next four years,” stated María Jesús. Montero, Minister of Hacienda in office, after Minister council.

Although due to the elections and the fact that there is no executive government – the current one is in office – the times have been delayed, the purpose of the Treasury is to have the Public Accounts for 2024 at the beginning of January and to be applied retroactively. “The idea is to arrive as soon as possible. As long as they are approved in the first days of January, there is no problem,” Montero stated.

As this newspaper reported, from the first moment the position of the PSOE has been to negotiate with the independentists some “guarantees” that would ensure that the Executive would not fall at the first opportunity, that it would have a way. That is, an understanding with the purpose of a legislature that is as long-lasting as possible. Sánchez He wants another four years, but what government sources do take for granted is that “the intention is a long-lasting legislature.”

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