Sandra Torres wins the Guatemalan elections, with the surprise irruption of the social democrat Bernardo Arévalo de León

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night of surprises in Guatemala. Only the forecast was met in terms of Sandra Torrescandidate of the National Unity of Hope (UNE), who leads the electoral results for the Presidency of this country, according to the latest data offered by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), based on the 97,837 polling stations (80 percent percent of the total), which reveal that it has brought together the 14.9 percent of the votes (703,984).

Meanwhile, it has broken in as second most voted candidate the social democrat Bernardo Arevalo of Lion, from the Semilla party, which obtained 12.2 percent (577,224). In third place and very far from Arévalo de León, is located Manuel Condefrom the official party Vamos, with 7.8 percent of the votes (369,524)

Thus, the expectations of the polls that suggested that the CABAL candidate would be in second place, Edmond Mulletand in third place the candidate of the Unionist coalition Value Zury Rioswho have been the big losers on election day.

All this, thanks to the unexpected back received by the Semilla candidate, who assured that “we never believed in the polls because they contrasted with what we saw and felt in the streets and on social networks, so we knew they were not reliable, but we did not know the scope it had the support given to us population“. In this sense, he pointed out that it has been a “pleasant surprise to see that, if the trend is confirmed, it will push us to the Second round“, which will be held next August 20th.

Thus, he has acknowledged being “very committed” by this “gesture of trust” and has promised to make it the “central foundation” in the second phase of the election to manage to assume the Government of Guatemala, with the objective of “getting the country out of the swamp of corruption“. In statements to EL MUNDO, he stressed that “we are already seeing that the people of Guatemala are demonstrating against the established political system and, therefore, we are confident that we will continue with that support” in the second round of elections.

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