Santiago Abascal says that he does not celebrate Pride Day because he is heterosexual

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The leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, expressed this Wednesday that he “had no plans” to celebrate the International Lgtbi Pride Day, which is commemorated today, because, “among other things”is heterosexual and said that there is “many homosexuals who do not celebrate this day”.

In an interview on TVE collected by Servimedia, Abascal pointed out that there are “many homosexuals who do not reduce their personality and being simply to their sexual desire.” “I think that has much less importance than some politicians and lobbies would have us believe,” he added.

Likewise, the leader of Vox commented that there are many homosexual people, “some of whom vote for Vox”, that “they do not identify with the message of the lobbies nor do they believe that they have to have a special day of celebration.” “I therefore believe that I can represent those people well,” she added.

Asked what you think of the Istanbul Convention, signed by Spain in 2011 and ratified in 2014, which determines that violence against women must be understood as a violation of human rights and a form of discrimination against women based exclusively on gender , Abascal He pointed out that he does not know it and that it does not seem “relevant” to him.

On gender violence, he qualified that gender “is an ideological concept” and clarified that it is “against violence against women” and she represents the party that protects her “with more clarity” because “she calls for a greater hardening of the penalties against sexual criminals and that she is going to demand responsibility from all the politicians who supported the law of ‘only yes is yes'”.

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