Spain, faced with the global challenge of generations of women who dared to play football

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Excluded, forgotten, hidden, marginalized, pointed out. All women who dared to play soccer They have felt this way for the last century, from those who began playing in the yards of English munitions factories during the First World War to the pioneers silenced by the late francism. Today all those who ever put on boots, and also those who dared to judge them for it, will be behind spain the one of Englandthe two teams that challenge each other to be world champions and take their countries to the streets, as happened in 1966 and 2010. One of the two will achieve the male and female double that only has Germany.

Spain is driven by the resilience shown in this championship in which it has had to jump over all the walls that it has been finding. “My players are focused on being the best in the world”warned Jorge Vilda that he expects three “battles” throughout the game, “tactical, technical and competitive” for which he will not make inventions. «It is not a day to change. It is the day to be us, to press as we know how, attack as we know how, play as a united team, that fights and helps each other,” he warned. All under the mental force of removing what did not contribute. With all the players available, Vilda will have to decide on the best one. Alexia Putellas started against Sweden, but Spain’s reaction came with Salma Parallueloso the coach could leave the double Ballon d’Or on the bench.

A similar doubt will have to clear Sabrina Wiegmann. His elevens are consolidated and he barely modifies them, but for this final, the second in his career on the bench, he will have to decide if he gives entry to Lauren James. This powerful 21-year-old player left the eleven after the two-match ban for stepping on a Nigerian rival in the round of 16 and her alternative, Ella Toonehas had a brilliant performance.

Spain will seek revenge for the elimination of the European Championship a year ago, marked by the tactical changes of the Dutch, already prepared to neutralize any proposal from the Spanish team. “We have analyzed Spain in depth and I think we are ready”, warns. There is no one who is not prepared for a historic challenge.

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