Spain wins bronze in men’s water polo after defeating Serbia

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For the third consecutive World Cup spain continues in the wave, this Saturday he won the bronze medal against Serbia (6-9), in a game in which the defense and, especially, the goalkeeper Edu Lorrio made the difference.

He could not repeat getting into the final, after a scary movie ending before Hungarybut those of david martin add a bronze to last summer’s gold medal at the Budapest World Cup and the silver of 2019 in Gwangju.

Spain kept a clean sheet for eighteen minutes. When the Serbs pressed harder (5-6) at halftime, the defense appeared and, especially Lorrio. The goal, in the shadow of Unai Aguirre Throughout the tournament, he signed an impressive performance, with a success rate of 68%, stopping thirteen of the nineteen shots from the Balkans.

And that after psychological downturn which meant the defeat in the semifinals against Hungary at the last second, it was difficult for Spain to get into the matter.

From the start they seemed the most involved Serbs in the game. More intense. The Balkans, in full reconstruction, found themselves with the possibility of fight for bronzeafter the Greeks did not give him any option in the semifinals and did not want to miss the opportunity.

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