Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, a return to the classics without falling into the cliché

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the universes Star Wars y Star Trek they are delicious. The creations of George Lucas and Gene Roddenberry have already given rise to countless series and movies. Not to mention the rest of derivative products: from books to lunch boxes, from video games to costumes, from stuffed animals to condoms. It makes sense, therefore, that both one and the other saga are capable of generating both absolutely dispensable series and notable fictions.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds it is one of the latter. the umpteenth series of Star Trek It just premiered its second season on SkyShowtime. contrary to Star Warstied up by Disney for its Disney+ platform, Star Trek it has content in several operators. It is as if the optimistic philosophy that always supported it was transferred to its commercialization: there are a Star Trek for each one, there Star Trek for all. but they are all Star Trek.

Strange New Worlds pulls from some of Roddenberry’s most popular characters, though at no time anchors them in a nostalgia to which, surprisingly, Star Trek just recurred. Having its essence very clear, it has been able to modernize without significantly altering itself. In almost any other fictional universe, things as tropid as the Klingons or teleportation would have to be recycled into inside jokes, but here they don’t. It’s ours Star Trek and we like it that way.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds It begins with the most legendary character in all of this: Spock. The semi-Vulcanian is on this occasion played by Ethan Peck, as in Discovery, another series from the same universe. In Strange New Worlds they also recover their characters from Discovery Anson Mount and Rebecca Romijn. His spaceship is obviously the mythical USS Enterprise.

Every time I say that the Enterprise It’s one of the ugliest fictional vehicles ever designed, I get hit all over the place. Even making it clear that I say it as a good thing: if an artifact as deformed as that tureen with legs has survived so many years, it is because we are not willing to have it changed. Throughout the last decades, Star Trek He has experimented with a multitude of visual proposals, but he has always been clear that the classics should never be abandoned. Like the mighty Imperial Destroyers of Star Warsthe spaceships of Star Trek they have evolved, but no one would dare to redesign them completely, ugly as they are, which they are.

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