NasDem Elite Proposes Anies-AHY Duet, Democrat: We Will Conduct Internal Survey

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Democratic Party responded to the statementNasDem Party Elite Zulfan Lindan who proposed a duet for the Governor of DKI Anies Baswedan and Democratic General Chair Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono or Anies-AHY in the 2024 presidential election. Head of the DPP Democrat Strategic Communications Agency Herzaky Mahendra Putra said his party would conduct … Read more

Benny K Harman: Surya Paloh Encourages AHY to Run in the 2024 Presidential Election, but Don’t Give Up

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Deputy Chairperson of the Democratic Party, Benny Kabur Harman, said that the chairman of the Democratic Party, Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (ME) has held three meetings with the General Chairman of the Nasdem Party, Surya Paloh. This is in an effort to explore opportunities for a coalition with the NasDem Party in the … Read more

Political Observer Suspect Prabowo’s Electability Drops Because Society Is Getting Tired

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Political expert from Al Azhar University Indonesia, Ujang Komarudin suspected the cause of the decline in the electability of the General Chairperson of the Gerindra Party, Prabowo Subianto because of the public’s boredom with the senior politician. The decline in the electability of the Minister of Defense is revealed in the results … Read more

Puan Maharani and AHY are considered to be able to realize the political issues of PDIP and Democrats

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Executive Director of the Institute of Democracy & Strategic Affairs (Indostrategic) Ahmad Khoirul Umam assesses the elite meeting plan PDIP with the Democratic Party is a progressive step to provide sound political education and strengthen a mature democratic tradition. According to Umam, the chairman of the DPP PDIP Mrs. Maharani and Chairman … Read more

Waiting for the Third Axis of the 2024 Presidential Election, Challenger for PDI-P Domination

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The discourse of forming a coalition axis to deal with 2024 presidential election is still being carried out by a number of political parties. The National Democratic Party (NasDem), the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), and the Democratic Party are predicted to form a third axis with a common vision to challenge the … Read more

Observer Reminds Bureaucracy Not to Do Politics in the 2024 General Election and Presidential Election So It Doesn’t Become a Paralyzed Duck

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Executive Director of Indonesia Political Review Ujang Komarudin reminded bureaucratic officials not to participate in politics in the General Election and 2024 presidential election. He considered that the bureaucracy could make the government become like a crippled duck if it participated in politics. “That’s a statutory provision (the bureaucracy must be neutral). … Read more

It is said that this is what will happen if Anies-Ganjar duet in the 2024 presidential election

Sunday, June 26 2022 – 17:15 WIB There is talk of a duet between Anies Baswedan and Ganjar Pranowo or the Anies-Ganjar duet in the 2024 presidential election. Illustrator: Sultan Alamanda/, JAKARTA – Political observer Hendri Satrio or Hensat believes that the winner of the 2024 presidential election will be known easily if the … Read more

If it forms a coalition with Democrat-PKS, it is believed that Nasdem will not leave the Cabinet

JAKARTA, – Executive Director of Indonesia Political Opinion (IPO) Dedi Kurnia Syah assessed that if the Party Nasdem in coalition with the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) and the Democratic Party will not cause differences in political views in the governing coalition party. In fact, according to him, Nasdem will not be immediately ostracized by … Read more

Megawati Nostalgia Her Childhood at the State Palace: Her Political Dynamics is Strong

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – General Chairperson of PDIP Megawati Soekarnoputri told about his childhood when he was at the State Palace. He felt that the political dynamics were very strong when he saw the national figures who were present at that time. “Imagine, don’t think that in the palace life is good, there is the greatest … Read more