A pregnant woman in Poland collapsed after the diagnosis. The hospital denied the legal abortion

The hospital refused to perform the abortion, referring to the verdict of the Constitutional Court, which last autumn outlawed the interventions. According to the hospital, doctors are afraid to decide on abortion due to differing interpretations of unclear regulations, fearing that they will lose their livelihoods and face criminal prosecution. A woman in a dramatic … Read more

The Polish hospital refused to perform a legal abortion. The woman collapsed mentally

A woman in a dramatic situation, meanwhile, was helped by an NGO, the Federation for Women’s Affairs and Family Planning. According to her, Ms. Agata had already undergone an abortion in another city, where she was “surrounded by full care, understanding and empathy on the part of doctors and medical staff” and has already returned … Read more

The Seym rejected the equation of abortion with homicide. Deputy minister of education behind the project

“You can shake hands with pro-abortion organizations. You are giving them a gift with this project. It has never been accepted in Western civilization to punish women for trying to save their own lives, ”said the deputy on December 1 Pis Anita Czerwińska. From that moment it was known that PiS decided to reject the … Read more

Because the abortion ban in Poland is a war against all women

Polish activist Marta Lempart protests against proposed abortion ban in Poland (Photo by Omar Marques / Getty Images) The streets of Warsaw are tinged with red. This is how the women of the Strajk Kobiet movement decided to protest: pouring buckets of paint on themselves and on the sidewalks of the city, symbolizing the blood … Read more

“Her heart was beating, too.” How Isabella died because of the abortion ban

Isabella, 30, was 22 weeks pregnant when she was admitted to hospital for complications. Although it is still too early to give birth, her waters have run out. The young woman was admitted to the hospital alone, unaccompanied, due to restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. Her relatives learn the news about her condition from … Read more

The ban on abortion led to death. Poland broke out

The pregnant woman died from septic shock, because doctors, fearing prison prosecution, refused to abort the defective fetus, which had no chance of life. The Polish government has clarified situations in which an abortion is considered permissible after a mass demonstration in memory of a pregnant woman with fetal malformations, who died due to the … Read more

After the death of the pregnant woman – new instructions on abortion for Polish doctors

This directive was published in the wake of the confusion over a new restriction in the country’s abortion law. A document for midwives was prepared in a hospital at the 22nd week of pregnancy after the death of a 30-year-old woman. Her pregnancy was accompanied by medical problems. The woman died back in September, but … Read more

Tightening abortion laws? Clear declaration of Marek Suski

The tragic circumstances of the death of young mother Izabela S. shocked public opinion in Poland and caused a wave of protests to sweep through the country. Her death is linked to the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal of October 22, last year, limiting the possibility of performing an abortion. Additional indignation of opponents of … Read more

Poles rally against abortion law after pregnant woman’s death

Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in Polish cities to protest the country’s strict abortion law. This has been in force since January, but the discontent about it manifested itself again yesterday after it became known that a pregnant woman of 30 had died in a hospital. The woman died in … Read more

Tens of thousands demonstrated against Polish abortion law – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

‘I want to live. I have someone to live for “, Izabela is said to have said before she died, to the woman she shared a room with at the hospital. Iza, as she is called, did not receive help because she was pregnant and because the fetus’ heart was still beating, claims a woman … Read more