El Salvador says it has arrested more than 140 gang members in surrounded city | Abroad

The government of El Salvador reports that it has arrested more than 140 alleged gang members in Soyapango in less than two days. The city has been surrounded by ten thousand soldiers and agents since Saturday and is therefore completely cut off from the outside world. The action is part of President Nayib Bukele’s tough … Read more

Belgium is preparing for the biggest case ever with trial attacks in Brussels | Abroad

05 dec 2022 om 05:56Update: een dag geleden More than six years after the attacks in Brussels, the substantive treatment of the lawsuit against the suspects will start on Monday. It is the largest court case in Belgium to date. What happened and what can we expect? On Tuesday morning, March 22, 2016, Belgium was … Read more

Jewish family gets Beethoven’s handwritten sheet music back after 80 years | Abroad

A Jewish family receives handwritten sheet music by composer Ludwig van Beethoven from a Czech museum. Their relatives had to flee the country to escape the Holocaust and left behind the valuable sheet music. The museum in the Czech city of Brno has had the original manuscript for the fourth movement of one of Beethoven’s … Read more

‘Most remote post office in the world’ dug out under Antarctic snow | Abroad

The “most remote post office in the world” in Antarctica was completely covered in snow this week. It took British Navy sailors two days to excavate the post. They also helped to repair the damaged roof of the wooden hut, reports the BBC. In April of this year searched the UK people to run the … Read more

Politicians should evaluate themselves whether their privilege to reserve tickets for the Song Festival is ethical, according to KNAB

At the same time, KNAB, after reviewing the information available in the public space, does not see any signs that could indicate a possible conflict of interest or other violations of the law “On prevention of conflict of interest in the activities of state officials”. It has already been reported that Saeima deputies and members … Read more

Ukrainian soldiers disappear from the front. They are supposed to prepare a black scenario for Putin

The Ukrainians may be preparing to launch another offensive and, after Kherson, also liberate Melitopol in the Zaporozhye region. This is evidenced by the sudden disappearance of tens of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers from the front. According to experts, if successful, this would mean a major breakthrough and a black scenario for Vladimir Putin. Tens … Read more

Forecasters’ latest forecast: in some places, a snow cover of up to 30 centimeters thick will fall in the new week

Next week, the atmospheric pressure will decrease, two active cyclones will pass through the area from the south in the middle and end of the week, so snow is often expected. According to current forecasts, many places in Latvia will have to welcome the third Advent with a 20-centimeter-thick snow cover, but in some places … Read more

Group arrested who wanted to cut Banksy artwork out of wall in Kyiv | War in Ukraine

Eight people have been arrested in a suburb of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv for trying to steal a mural by anonymous artist Banksy. The group wanted to carve the British graffiti artist’s artwork out of a wall. The arrested suspects are between 27 and 60 years old. They come from Kyiv and Cherkasi, a city … Read more

This morning, roads are icy in parts of Vidzeme and Kurzeme

Slippery road sections are sprinkled with anti-slip materials. In order to improve driving conditions, 17 winter service equipment units of VAS Latvian highway maintenance company are involved in road maintenance works. Difficult driving conditions on the country’s main highways are: on the section of the Tallinn highway (A1) from Tuja intersection to Ainaži; Valmiera highway … Read more

Cloudy weather is expected in Latvia, but without significant precipitation

The maximum air temperature will be in the range of -3, -7 degrees, but in places on the coast the temperature will not fall below -1, -2 degrees. A slow easterly wind will blow. In Riga, the day will be mostly cloudy, but without precipitation. A slow wind from the east will blow, and the … Read more