Singapore sues ‘Titus Low’, famous OnlyFans creator may face months of ‘imprisonment’

Prominent OnlyFans creator is prosecuted for the first time in Singapore The police raided the house. The court may sentence the sentence to several months in prison. ‘Titus Low’, a 22-year-old Singapore-based creator is one of the most successful on the OnlyFans platform with thousands of subscribers coming from around the world. This allows him … Read more

“March for Life” | On the road with opponents of abortion – from Donald Trump’s ranks

They’ve been marching through Washington for nearly 50 years. But this year the abortion opponents of the “March for Life” could achieve their goal. Tens of thousands have come to Washington. Just a few hundred meters from the White House, a man admonishes his tens of thousands of listeners: “Observe the rules of the Commander-in-Chief!” … Read more

Comments on: NATO rejects Russian demands to withdraw troops from Romania and Bulgaria

Kristīne StrautmaneToday 3: 5: if NATO does not stop and fly to the borders of Russia, where NATO really has nothing to do but provoke, then war will be inevitable. history, remember, on average, once a century in the world there is one big war. As a rule …..

NATO rejects Russia’s demands to withdraw troops from Romania and Bulgaria

“NATO will not relinquish its ability to protect and defend each other, including through its military presence in the eastern part of the alliance. Russia’s demands would create first- and second-class NATO members that we cannot accept,” Oana Lungeske, a spokeswoman for NATO, said. “We reject any idea of ​​spheres of influence in Europe. We … Read more

A Montenegrin clan was plotting to assassinate Serbian President Alexander Vucic

Alexander Vucic PHOTO Reuters An assassination attempt was being prepared against Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. This was announced to journalists by the Minister of Interior Alexander Vulin. “We have received operative information about the existence of a criminal group that has set itself the goal of assassinating Alexander Vucic,” Vulin explained, adding that the operative … Read more

In Latvia, mortality with diagnosed Covid-19 is higher than the EU / EEA average

However, despite the rapid rise in morbidity, it is lower in the Baltic States than the European average. ECDC estimates of the situation in the previous two weeks from 3 to 16 January show that the mortality rate with diagnosed Covid-19 in Latvia has risen slightly again, reaching 87.5 cases per million population, and that … Read more

Comments on: “There will be no propaganda machine in this place,” the unfinished Moscow House will be demolished in Vilnius

In Riga, Marijas Street 7, there has been a Moscow house since 2002, which Latvian Railway (under the leadership of Zorgevica) exchanged for Russia in 2001 (against whom ??). The narratives of the so-called “Russian world” are constantly distributed, and the totalitarian symbolism is banned on the website. Latvia’s security structures do not see anything … Read more

Gloomy facts about former Pope Benedict XVI when he was archbishop come to light

Pope Benedict, then known as Joseph Racinger, served as archbishop in Munich from 1977 to 1982. He denied all charges against the church staff at the time. A report by the German law firm on the abuse of German Catholic churches states that violence against four children continued during Racinger’s tenure and that the accused … Read more

Citadele Bank’s Swiss subsidiary to be trusted by Gibraltar’s Trusted Novus Bank

The bank was informed that an agreement had been signed with Trusted Novus Bank Limited for the sale of Kaleido Privatbank, a subsidiary of Citadele Bank in Switzerland. Trusted Novus Bank Limited will acquire 100% of Kaleido Privatbank shares. The transaction is expected to be completed by the end of 2022, subject to regulatory approvals. … Read more

Žbirka’s son spoke two months after his father’s death. His words are freezing

Everyone copes differently with the death of a loved one. The son of the legendary singer Miro Žbirka also knows this. The famous musician left us at the beginning of November at the age of 69. Žbirka’s son David revealed what life without a father is like for him. The death of a musical legend … Read more