Comments on: Zatlers reveals why his second AstraZeneca vaccine has been postponed

Do senior government officials have different vaccination guidelines than the rest of the country? Being a medical practitioner, 15.02.21. received the first dose of vaccination with “Astra Zeneca” vaccine, and on Monday: 19.04.21. a second dose of the vaccine should be given. Needless to say, after the stir around this vaccine, I was very much … Read more

Greek and Turkish foreign ministers met sharply during a press conference

Talks between Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlit Chavushogl and his Greek counterpart Nick Dendy were to show that, after a year of difficult disputes, neighboring countries were trying to overcome their differences. The press conference was so open to the conciliatory statements made by Chavushoglu about the “very positive dialogue” that they had in the Turkish … Read more

Balcers with the scored goal help the Sharks return to the victory trail

The Sharks beat the Los Angeles Kings 5: 2 (3: 1, 0: 0, 2: 1) on their field and won their fifth win in the last six games. The Balcers scored the third goal for the team, which later proved to be the winning one, and was recognized as the third brightest star of the … Read more

Following the withdrawal of US and NATO troops, the UN mission will remain in Afghanistan

UN Secretary-General’s spokesman Stefan Djuarik, answering a question about the future of the United Nations mission, acknowledged that the withdrawal of troops “will obviously have an impact on the whole country”. “We will continue to assess the situation, but our work in Afghanistan will continue,” Dujarik added, noting that the UN would adapt to the … Read more

A mysterious creature in a tree terrified the settlement. When they caught him, they couldn’t believe their eyes

Residents of one of the blocks of flats in a housing estate in Krakow, Poland, alerted animal protectors. A strange creature settled on a tree in front of their balconies and looked dangerous. The portal informed about it Polsat News. “It’s brown and it’s been kneeling in a tree opposite the house for two days. … Read more

Why did Prince William hesitate so long to make a comrade to Catherine?

Prince William and Kate Midltone before the wedding +25 See more Prince William and Kate Midltone met at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Already in 2003, the two were a couple, but the royal family did not announce their engagement. Some more skeptical people were already worried if the prince would ever ask … Read more

Comments on: Greek and Turkish foreign ministers met sharply during a press conference

“Turkey can teach Greece nothing,” Dandy said during a news conference, criticizing Turkey for failing to comply with the 2016 agreement with Brussels on the readmission of migrants. *********** Neither Turkey nor Greece are role models for anyone. . Both countries can learn this from each other. ****** “You are always trying to teach us … Read more

Walmart Joins Microsoft in Efforts to Acquire TikTok

U.S. President Donald Trump has until September 15 to reach an agreement to sell the TikTok U.S. segment to a local company, otherwise threatening to ban the app from operating in the U.S. Sales negotiations are underway with Microsoft. Trump argues that this platform is a threat to the country’s national security. Analysts explain that … Read more

airBaltic will launch scheduled flights on a new route

Martin Gauss, CEO of airBaltic, said: “This summer we plan to connect Riga with several sunny destinations in the Mediterranean. We are happy to offer safe and convenient travel between Riga and the well-known Greek island of Santorini. We are preparing for the upcoming summer season. with an improved route map, and we believe that … Read more

The Russian security service in Moscow detains a Belarusian lawyer and transfers him to Minsk

Jankovich, who lives in the United States, was detained during a visit to Moscow, reports Radio Brīvība / Radio Free Europe (RL / RFE). RL / RFE refers to Jankovich’s wife, who said he was abducted on April 11 by Russian security agents. Jankovic has lived and worked in the United States since 2007. The … Read more