Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport accelerates the opening of GTX… Launch of ‘GTX Promotion Team’

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is advancing the opening time of the metropolitan area express train (GTX) line A, scheduled for June 2024, and speeding up the construction of lines B and C. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced on the 31st that in order to spur the expansion of GTX … Read more

Marca: Dortmund accelerates signing Simeone to negotiate in Italy next week – yqqlm

Original title: Marca: Dortmund accelerates the signing of Simeone to negotiate in Italy next week Marca: Dortmund accelerates signing Simeone to negotiate in Italy next week Live it, July 31. According to the Spanish media “Marca”, Dortmund will try to complete the transfer of Giovanni Simeone this week. At present, the “Hornet” is the most … Read more

What happens to Marcell Jacobs: “He feels pain every time he accelerates”

On June 25, less than a month ago, Marcell Jacobs ha won in the 100 meters at the Italian Athletics Championships. From that day on for him only renunciations: Stockholm prima ei Athletics World Championships then. The champion intends to return in the Chorzow meeting on 6 August and then at the European Championships in … Read more

Diabetes accelerates the growth of breast cancer

A recent study reports that breast cancer tumors secrete factors that block insulin secretion by the pancreas, causing hyperglycemia that promotes the progression of this cancer. We often tend to see the main diseases that afflict us (cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases) as independent pathologies, unrelated to each other. However, several … Read more

Dragons “accelerates” on weapons and men. Eight thousand soldiers and a new decree

<!––> Draghi at the NATO – Ansa summit In the best Italian tradition, the presence of prime minister at international summits is accompanied by crisis announcements in Rome. Mario Draghi is no exception, who in the early afternoon summons the press inside the Madrid Fair especially to deal with the Italian events, so delicate as … Read more

How much is Di Maio’s party worth after the split, accelerates the collapse of the M5s: the Winpoll-Sole poll

The most evident change in the political scenario with the birth of “Together for the future”the new political entity of Luigi Di Maioaccording to the Winpoll survey for The sun 24 hours inevitably involves the M5s of Giuseppe Conte, which would be particularly damaged by the split also from an electoral point of view. Already … Read more

Betfred signs agreement with LottoStar and accelerates its expansion in South Africa

The world’s leading bookmaker, Betfredannounced a new collaboration with South Africa’s largest online betting operator, LottoStar. LottoStar and Betfred sign a new agreement It was in June last year that Betfred completed the purchase of Betting World and entered the South African market. In addition to online services, the company currently offers operates 53 stores … Read more

Marathon Digital Accelerates Bitcoin Mining not afraid of falling prices

The website reports that although the pricebitcoin (BTC) may be reduced to the point of uselessness. that can no longer be profitable for miners by but Marathon Digital Holdings One of the largest bitcoin mining companies in North America says it will continue to work on accumulating leading digital assets. Charlie Schumacher, vice president … Read more