The exile of Caamaño from the memory of the children who accompanied him

By: Francisco Frias Dipp Francisco Alberto Caamaño Deño. The Colonel of April. Commander of the Constitutionalist Army. President in Arms of the Dominican Republic. The man who stood up to the American empire and lived to tell the tale. For many, a legend, a titan. To his family, he was Francis. And Francis was a … Read more

BMKG Early Warning Thursday, January 20, 2022: Heavy Rain Accompanied by Wind in 27 Regions

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) issued an early warning extreme weather for today, Thursday (20/1/2022). Reported, the center of low pressure is observed in the Timor Sea. Cyclonic circulation was also observed in the waters west of Aceh, in the Pacific Ocean north of Papua and in North Kalimantan which … Read more

Get to know the early symptoms of a brain tumor, one of which is a headache accompanied by blurry eyes

TRIBUN-BALI.COM – Brain or spinal cord tumors often have no subtle symptoms. However, according to the Neurosurgeon Specialist, Dr. Jeremia Prastya Pardede SpBS, the symptoms that often appear are headaches and seizures. Then Dr. Jeremia also mentioned that there are several things to watch out for. One of them has a headache and convulsions. “Well, … Read more

Amy Samir Ghanem in her latest appearance from Saudi Arabia, accompanied by Hassan Al-Raddad.. Photos

Actress Amy Samir Ghanem published pictures through her account on “Instagram”, accompanied by her friends who are with her in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in the presence of her husband, Hassan Al-Raddad, in her latest appearance after performing the Umrah rituals there. In another context, Amy Samir Ghanem confirmed the depth of the relationship … Read more

Omicron is accompanied by rare symptoms. The researchers said which appears first

When infected with omicron, people experience different symptoms than in the delta. According to the researchers, one symptom returned, which was often reported in 2020. They also found out what will appear as the first symptom after the infection. Your loved ones will soon know that you have been infected with omicron. The first sign … Read more

Weather forecast: the mildness persists, but it is accompanied by a less pleasant phenomenon

The IRM forecasts periods of rain or showers on Tuesday accompanied by a lot of wind with gusts up to 70 or 80 km / h. A yellow alert for these gusts is issued for most provinces. The FPS Interior has also decided to temporarily activate the emergency number 1722. The weather will initially be … Read more

Sofía Gala and Diego Tuñón accompanied their daughter’s graduation from primary school: “A beautiful stage ends”

Despite being in couple with Clever Fernandez, Sofia Gala has a excellent relationship with Diego Tuñón, dad of su hija Helena. So together They went to the girl’s primary school graduation and they showed standing close to her. In fact, after the celebration at Helena’s school the three took a selfie and the daughter of … Read more

HORRIBLE! Here are 5 Characteristics of People Accompanied by Ancestral Khodam, Number 1 We Meet Many

MAPAY BANDUNG – One of Khodam which is believed to be the most powerful and much sought after by everyone is Khodam ancestors. According to the spiritual expert Mbah Yadi, Khodam ancestors including Khodam the sickest and most sought after. But do you know, if someone who is accompanied Khodam ancestors own characteristics certain. But … Read more

Learn about the diseases that accompanied Vicente Fernández

After the death of the Mexican singer Vicente Fernández, various anecdotes told by family, friends and the media have emerged, including the diseases that the native of Guadalajara had to avoid on different occasions. SEE ALSO → These are the recognitions Vicente Fernández received in his career Here we present the chronology of the affections … Read more

ArcheAge, the December reboot is accompanied by new and varied content

The gamer community de ArcheAge has the December reboot before them, so they will be able to delve into a myriad of surprises that Kakao games has incorporated. The new and long-awaited premiere of ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained came to an end on December 3. Something that has caught our attention is that this new … Read more