Scientists Find Something in the Stomach of a 120 Million Year Old Dinosaur Fossil – A team of scientists in China managed to find a 120-million-year-old Dromaeosauridae dinosaur fossil with its last meal in its stomach, namely a frog. More than 120 million years ago, the dinosaurs ate frogs. But not long to eat the frog, the dinosaur died. Even though they died, the dinosaur bones were preserved … Read more

The lesson is the application according to monitoring, or else chaos… How does the customs dollar affect the livelihood of the Lebanese?

The 2022 budget was approved, and with it the customs dollar, which took months between taking and responding about what price will be adopted, to finally settle on the price of 15,000 pounds, a tax approved to finance public sector salaries to increase it threefold, according to economic experts. What is added on the one … Read more

September 17 Incident: The Discovery of Saturn’s Satellite, This is History – Saturn is the second largest planet in solar system. This planet, dubbed the gas giant, has a diameter of up to 120,536 km with hydrogen and helium as its main constituents. In addition to its large shape, Saturn is also known to have the largest number of satellites in the solar system. It … Read more

“The cow is my mother. If someone kills her, I will not remain silent” – Since Narendra Modi, a Hindu nationalist from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), came to power in 2014, religion-based violence against minorities has become increasingly widespread, one of which has led to mass beatings that led to the slaughter of cows. Cows are animals that are considered sacred by Hinduism. Recently, MPs from the … Read more

Ice cream unhealthy? A multigrain bagel would be even worse for you, according to this study

Food, we deal with it every day. While one person gulps everything down without considering its nutritional value, the other spends hours researching: what are the healthiest cookies? Which yogurt has the least calories? Which fruit is richest in vitamins? We all think we know pretty well what is and what isn’t healthy, but nothing … Read more

Attract and retain top talent with an ’employee first’ corporate culture

Health determines choice for new employer 2 augustus 2022 – Within many organizations there are growing problems surrounding the physical and mental health of staff. Employee wellbeing has become a driver of talent recruitment and retention. According to research For 59 percent of all Dutch employees, the availability of ergonomic equipment and a healthy working … Read more

Allergies can come at any time, self-medication is the best treatment – An allergic condition that is owned by a person is one of the health conditions that many people have. These health problems can be triggered by a variety of different things. Allergy is a chronic disease. That is, this disease will continue to exist because it is a disorder or abnormality in the … Read more

6 Characteristics of the Planet Venus, the Planet with the Hottest Temperatures

Planet Venus. ©ESA – Venus is planet second from the Sun, and is Earth’s closest neighbor in the solar system. This scorching planet is named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty and is the only planet named after a woman. Venus was observed by ancient astronomers from different cultures many times, but … Read more

Voting, climate and gay marriage – World are also in the sights of the Supreme Court

Not just abortion and weapons. With a Supreme Court dominated by a majority of six conservative judges – including three appointed by Donald Trump – other fundamental rights and values, from climate to religion and voting, are at stake. The new test will be the latest sentences by the beginning of July, when the highest … Read more

Assault on Capitol Hill was a “coup attempt” according to the Commission: the unpublished video reconstructs what happened

The president of the House Commission investigating the attack: “The violence was not an accident” <!– CONTINUA A LEGGERE » –> CorriereTv (LaPresse) What Donald Trump carried out was an “attempted coup” and the violence that culminated in the attack on Capitol Hill was the direct consequence of his attempt to subvert the result of … Read more