Highlight’s Yang Yoseob apologizes to fans for “I will act more carefully”

Photo = Captured from Yoseob Yang’s Instagram Group Highlight Yang Yoseob apologized to his fans. Yesterday (30th), Yoseob Yang apologized to fans who felt a sense of relative deprivation during the communication process through his SNS. Yang Yoseob said, “I went around an open chat room with many people last night and tried to communicate … Read more

“Måneskin” shocked Poland with a sexy show: they imitated a sexual act on stage, kissed and showed arrogance

Only after entering the stage did Måneskin convey a meaningful message to the fans. Group leader Damiano Davido greeting the audience was: “The first thing we want to do before the show is remind the homophobes that you’re stupid asses.” He illustrated this point with the kisses he bestowed upon each member of the band … Read more

Abortion Act, Camilla Lorentzen | The Norwegian TikTok stars open up the home of Americans who want to have an abortion. The reactions flow in

There has been a storm around the abortion case in the USA after a document amending the abortion law was leaked in April. But on Friday, the US Supreme Court ruled that The ruling that has given women the right to self-determined abortion is overturned at the national level. From now on, it is up … Read more

LAW: The Magnitsky Act – The Pirates’ leaky flagship

The Czech government approved the so-called Magnitsky Act, which it also had in its program statement, and it is no secret that the Pirates, presenting it as their flagship, stuck to the Magnitsky Act, and especially Mr. Lipavský, the foreign minister at the time. Mainstream media celebrate the government’s progress (e.g. here or here) and … Read more

Abortion Act, Races | Celebrities rage against the abortion law: – I give a damn about my citizenship

On Friday, the Supreme Court judges ruled that they would overturn the ruling on “Calm down Wade”a 1973 ruling that ensured the right to abortion at the federal level in the United States. Several states have already introduced bans that the ruling allows for, but the recent decision has also provoked strong reactions around the … Read more

A seventy engages in indecency with a young man after luring him in a cunning way.. and after he finished the act, the great disaster that young parents had caused.!

A young man in his twenties slaughtered a man in his seventies who works as a women’s hairdresser in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, and who had an homosexual relationship with him. The police found the man’s body on the bed in his bedroom, dressed and stabbed several times with a white weapon; It turned out … Read more

Norma Megardi, so the 24-year-old killer of prof. Did you act alone?

Alexandria, June 26, 2022- Norma Megardi she would have been killed for economic reasons from Luca Orlandi, 24 years old, who confessed. Clarifies with the passing of the hours the motive for the crime that shocked Sale (Alessandria). L’ex English teacher74, now retired, was killed by the tenants’ son, probably for reasons related to rents … Read more

Russian helicopter violates Estonian airspace: “Very serious act”. Kremlin: “Meeting with Turkey on the corridors for the export of grain” – Direct

21 June 2022 23:15 Biden: “I’m not afraid of fractures in the West” Joe Biden said he “feared no fractures” in the Western alliance that is supporting Ukraine against Russia. “But – he added – I think that at some point it will become a waiting game” between “what the Russians can support and what … Read more

Artem Grant did not expect such an act from Claudia Bezverkhova, who got a tattoo with his name

Many participants in the television project House 2 prove their gratitude and love to each other, making tattoos with the names or images of lovers. It turned out that Artem Grant did not expect such an act from Claudia Bezverkhova, who got a tattoo with his name.What in this case is surprised by the topic? … Read more

Enhanced versions of Resident Evil 2, 3 and 7 on PC have angered fans, forcing Capcom to act

The requirements to play them have increased and the improvements have caused incompatibility with many mods. In the Capcom Showcase held a few days ago, the arrival of improved versions to various games saga Resident Evil both new generation consoles and PC. In this way, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3 y Resident Evil 7 … Read more