Too much salt disrupts the activity of immune cells

THE ESSENTIAL The sodium contained in salt disrupts the activity of certain white blood cells and therefore of the immune system. In the short term, salt consumption disrupts the activity of cells that have less energy and oxygen. These effects disappear after eight hours, but the consumption of salt remains unhealthy. The daily limit is … Read more

Activity Restrictions During Lebaran, Exit and Enter West Java Areas Must Use SIKM

Bandung – The West Java Provincial Government issued a circular regarding restrictions on community activities between regions during Eid. This was done to reduce the spread of COVID-19. “Control of community activities needs to be done to break the chain of the spread of COVID-19. Moreover, the trend of COVID-19 cases in West Java is … Read more

Russians, the Sovereign 02 vaccine and sun and sand to reactivate Cuban tourism | Blog More got lost in Havana

The sun and the beach, and even more so the 23 kilometers of sandy beaches of Varadero, are once again the jewels of Cuban tourism in these times of pandemic. The covid-19 has left most of the foreign clients in their homes and about 85% of the Cuban hotels closed, but a year of forced … Read more

48-hour weather .. severe heat, wind activity and 75% humidity

05:31 AM Wednesday 28 April 2021 Books – Muhammad Abdel Nasser: The Meteorological Authority announced the weather details from Wednesday to Thursday. The authority said that the weather on Wednesday is hot in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, North Upper Egypt and South Sinai, very hot in southern Upper Egypt, and the weather at night is … Read more

Physical activity could protect against worst effects of COVID [VIDÉO] | Sports | The sun

Bottom line: The least active people were twice as likely to be hospitalized with COVID as the most active, and 2.5 times more likely to die from it. Their risk of ending up in intensive care was also almost twice as high. Moderately active subjects in the middle group were almost twice as likely to … Read more

The new Fitbit Luxe is a slim and stylish activity bracelet that does not cost the shirt

Fitbit has unveiled a new slim activity watch, Fitbit Luxe, with an elegant stainless steel case, AMOLED screen and pulse oximeter (SpO2 meter.) We had our first meeting with the new activity bracelet a few days ago, when pictures of Luxe were leaked online. When it comes to design, it is not completely different Fitbit … Read more

Bitcoin’s on-chain activity indicates it is heading for $ 166,000

The Bitcoin price doesn’t look the best today. Selling pressure following the listing of Coinbas shares on NASDAQ suppressed its price below $ 60,000, which activated a stoplossy of repackaged long positions and the subsequent cascade reaction pushed its price down to $ 51,500. Up, down, or sideways? Deciding on the basis of a single … Read more

Norway has signed an agreement with the US regarding military activity on its soil

Norway, which shares a border with Russia in the Arctic, signed an agreement on Friday with the United States to regulate US military activity on its territory. – The agreement confirms the key position of Norway on NATO’s northern flank – said the head of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ine Marie Eriksen Soereide. … Read more

Lack of Physical Activity Increases the Risk of Covid-19 Severity – Less physical activity associated with infection Covid-19 and an increased risk of death. This is stated in research published online at British Journal of Sports Medicine. Launch from Medical Xpress, patients with Covid-19 who were consistently inactive for the 2 years prior to the pandemic were more likely to be hospitalized, require intensive … Read more