Acute promyelocytic leukemia, the picture presented by Lio Pecoraro

After absences from his work on Channel 9 and Crónica TV, the journalist Lio Pecoraro He shared on his social networks that he is experiencing acute promyelocytic leukemia, “a severe, acute leukemia that acts very quickly, but with a treatment available that gives very good results.” Pecoraro said that weeks ago “he noticed that something … Read more

Acute heart attack represents a serious public health problem: WHO

Mexico has a high rate of hospital mortality due to acute myocardial infarction (AMI), a serious public health problem according to the World Health Organization (WHO). According to figures from the Federal Ministry of Health, heart diseases in the country occupy the first place in mortality, one in four patients with cardiovascular diseases (CVD) dies … Read more

UN says world is in “acute phase” and calls for “greatest effort ever” – News

The organization encourages all countries to recognize health as “a universal public good” and to guarantee the distribution of vaccines for covid-19 to the entire population. According to the WHO, there are 31 vaccine candidates under evaluation, of which nine are in clinical trials. António Guterres mentioned today “alarming reports of large segments of the … Read more

UMCG focuses data and biobank Acutelines to better understand acute conditions

The UMCG establishes data and biobank Acutelines. It systematically includes data from patients who visit the Emergency Department of the UMCG due to acute complaints. With Acutelins, research is made possible to learn more about the development and course of acute disorders. The goal is to better recognize, treat and prevent acute conditions. It can … Read more

UMCG establishes database for better insight into acute conditions

Wednesday, 2 September 2020, 13:31 The UMCG is setting up a data and biobank that contains data from patients who visit the hospital’s emergency department with acute complaints. This is done under the name Acutelines. In this way the UMCG hopes to learn more about the development and course of acute conditions, such as shock, … Read more

When cirrhosis of the liver becomes fatal

news International research association determines three forms of “acute decompensated liver cirrhosis” by Adolf Albus (27.08.2020) If the body can no longer compensate for the gradual failure of the liver as a result of liver cirrhosis, there is a risk of acute decompensation of the liver cirrhosis. In some patients, this quickly develops into an … Read more

Žagars: Daile Theater has an acute need of about 700,000 euros

Daile Theater “absolutely acutely and quite dramatically” needs about 700,000 euros to replace obsolete equipment and machinery, said the director of Daile Theater Juris Žagars. Content will continue after the ad Advertising He said that Daile Theater has carried out a full study of the building and defined the needs. From them, the acutely necessary … Read more

Global Acute Heart Failure (AHF) Market 2020 Segmented by Application and Geography Trends, Growth and Forecast to 2028 – The Fordactu

The global Acute Heart Failure (AHF) market report provides a detailed overview of the disease and an in-depth understanding of the historical and predicted epidemiology. It highlights the existing treatment models, potential future drugs and also identifies the best market opportunities by providing the current and forecast market revenue, sales trends and usage of the … Read more

Acute radiation syndrome can be diagnosed with a single drop of blood

THE ESSENTIAL A new blood test is able to measure in a few minutes measure the extent of radiation damage to the bone marrow. This new device could be of great help in the event of a new natural disaster or to avoid irreversible damage in patients undergoing radiotherapy. Acute radiation syndrome is a condition … Read more