NATO: Additional forces are being deployed in Eastern Europe

It is reported that Denmark is sending a warship to the Baltic Sea and will send four F-16 fighter jets to Lithuania, thus contributing to the long-term NATO air patrol mission in the region. Spain is sending ships to join the NATO navy and is considering deploying fighter jets in Bulgaria. France has also expressed … Read more

Two Seimas committees have appealed to the United States for additional military support

A copy of the letter from the heads of the two Seimas committees – the National Security and Defense and the Foreign Affairs Committee – was also received Delphi. The news portal also reported this “The global democratic world is facing major challenges from the autocratic regimes of Russia and China,” the letter said. … Read more

Media: The British plan to send additional troops to the Baltic states and Poland

Plans under discussion at the Ministry of Defense include expanding UK missions to send hundreds more troops ready to take part in hostilities to deter Russia, the article said. According to The Times, NATO asked the Allies whether it would be possible to expand the Alliance’s missions in the Baltics. “Countries are currently thinking about … Read more

The black market dollar recorded an additional decline.. Here are the details

Today, Monday, the black market dollar recorded a significant decline, as it ranged between 24,500 Lebanese pounds for purchase and 24,400 pounds for sale. The Lebanese pound witnessed an improvement in its value against the US dollar, which led to a decrease in the price of bread and fuel on Friday. The Central Bank had … Read more

Moreno’s signing of National Athletic’s additional return to Shenhua clause is required to complete the share reform_Chinese Super League_Season_Colombia

Original title: Moreno’s signing of National Athletic’s additional return to Shenhua clause must complete the share reform Beijing time on January 16 news, the Colombian giants National Athletic team officially announced the joining of Moreno, but although the transfer has been finalized, it does not rule out the possibility that Moreno will return to Shenhua … Read more

OnePlus Mid-Month Special organizes mobile phone promotions, discounts of up to 50%, additional discount coupons of 500.-

OnePlus Mid-Month Special organizes promotions for mobile phones, headphones and accessories for the new year, discounts of up to 50% with coupons, discounts up to 500.-, distributed through online channels, Shopee and Lazada. Welcoming January with the New Year’s Festival OnePlus Mid-Month Special Organizes mobile phone promotions, headphones and accessories for the new year, it’s … Read more

NATO is strengthening the security of the Baltic States, additional fighter jets are being deployed in Lithuania

From the end of January, the fighters of the Royal Danish Air Force will strengthen the NATO Baltic Air Police mission from Šiauliai. The HDMS Peter Willemoe frigate will be on duty at the NATOangl. NATO Standing Naval Forces). The decision to strengthen NATO’s capabilities in the Baltic States was taken in response to growing … Read more

NATO is strengthening the security of the Baltic States: additional capabilities are being transferred to Lithuania

NATO’s military capabilities in the Baltic Sea region have been strengthened since January. This week, the Danish Parliament made a decision to send four additional F-16 fighter jets to Lithuania and to deploy a military frigate HDMS Peter Willemoe in the Baltic Sea with a crew of 160 soldiers. The fighters of the Royal Danish … Read more

Senate with amendments to the budget act. Additional PLN 20 billion for the National Health Fund

On Wednesday, the Senate passed a resolution on the adoption of the budget act for 2022. 69 senators voted for, one person was against and 29 senators abstained from voting. During the voting, the Senate proposed 65 out of 70 prepared amendments to the Budget Act. Among the amendments supported by the Senate, there are, … Read more

Denmark to send additional forces for Baltic defense / Article

January 11, 2:33 pm Updated January 11, 6:35 pm In mid-January, the Danish naval frigate “Peter Willemoes” with 160 soldiers will start patrolling the Baltic Sea. On the security of the airspace of the Baltic States will help take care of four American F-16 destroyers. By the end of the month, it is planned to … Read more