Faced with rising unemployment: for the fifth time they will activate two additional Unemployment Insurance payments | Economy

The Superintendency of Pensions (SP) this morning officiated at the Unemployment Fund Administrator (AFC) so that it has a new activation of two additional payments For the benefit of those workers who are receiving the last Unemployment Insurance line with financing from the Solidarity Unemployment Fund (FCS). “The measure was adopted after knowing a new … Read more

An additional X chromosome could slow down brain breakdown in women Alzheimer’s: Why men often have a harder time – scinexx

Genetic disadvantage: In men, Alzheimer’s usually progresses faster and they die more often from it. One possible explanation for this is the second X chromosome in women. Because on this is a gene that can slow down mental degradation, as researchers have found. Because women have twice as much of it, their brains are better … Read more

Trump assigns additional law enforcement personnel to the troubled city of Wisconsin

“We will not suffer robbery, arson and arbitrariness on the streets of America,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Today I will send federal service law enforcement officers and the National Guard to Keno in Wisconsin to restore law and order!” Trump made the statement after talks with Wisconsin Governor Tony Yevers, who had announced the day … Read more

Polish Enter Air buys the infamous Boeing 737-8 Max. Four additional planes planned

– Despite the crisis situation, you have to think about the future. Therefore, we agreed with Boeing to order additional four 737-8 aircraft. Two of them are ‘Confirmed Orders’ and two are Options. We believe that the machines of the American manufacturer, after all the modifications and checks they have undergone, will be the best … Read more

Swissport secures additional liquidity and refinances itself

Airport service provider Swissport has reached an agreement with its creditors to secure additional liquidity and restructure its debt, in order to weather a difficult period for the aviation sector affected by the coronavirus pandemic. A group of unidentified creditors has pledged to provide 300 million euros in additional liquidity ‘to support operations until the … Read more

When will additional payments be made to healthcare workers, will family physicians receive additional payments? Minister Koca made a date

News Entry: 20 August 2020 – 03:29 | 20 August 2020 – 03:29 Additional payment to healthcare professionals was one of the issues raised in the coronavirus epidemic. Making a statement after the Scientific Committee meeting, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said that additional payments will be made to healthcare workers in a period of 3 … Read more

The prosecutor’s office will indict Prosecutor Jurkjāne; an additional inspection will be carried out on Kalnmeier ‘s responsibility

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800 additional cases in Occitania in one week

The epidemic is evolving “in the wrong direction” in recent days in France. This is the observation made by Prime Minister Jean Castex, visiting the Montpellier University Hospital this Tuesday. He called on the French to pull themselves together to avoid a resumption of the Covid-19 epidemic, advocating for wearing a mask despite the heatwave … Read more