This was the worst commercial failure in Sony’s history

The competition between VHS y Betamax began in the late 1970s and lasted well into the 1980s. video players became more accessible, the race grew and in the end he won VHS. Betamax dominated the industry at first, but Sonyyour Creator, he refused to listen to the market and that led to the format to … Read more

The BCRA loses reserves, what effect will it have on the dollar?

Now that the country is experiencing a true “distributive bid for the dollars”in which all sectors claim to have priority to use the scarce foreign exchange that enters the Central Bank’s cash, few are noticing that the small savers They play a leading role again. An indicator that allows anticipating the retail public’s demand for … Read more

Which one earns more money?

After the rise in interest rates in May for traditional fixed termsand after the high monthly inflation figure came to light, the debate broke out among savers regarding whether it is convenient to turn to this savings instrument, or if the UVA fixed term is still more convenientwhich is the one that adjusts for the … Read more

He compared the price of products between 2019 and now: it went viral

The Government of Alberto Fernandez received a new blow from the economic reality: the INDEC released yesterday afternoon the index of april inflationwhat happened with 6%, above the projections of most market analysts. The Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages category was one of the items that increased the most in terms of inflationso whoever has gone … Read more

Flu vaccination: protected before winter

They warn the population about the importance of influenza vaccination, the epidemiological situation and co-administration with other vaccines For iProfessional 09/05/2022 – 09,11hs The Argentine Association of Respiratory Medicine warns the population about the importance of influenza vaccination, the epidemiological situation and co-administration with other vaccines. Vaccination is one of the most important milestones with … Read more

what is the best and worst investment of 2022

For the Argentine who has the power to save, the pesos “burn” in the pocket due to the fact that the latest high inflation data generates a noticeable reduction in purchasing power. And there begins to be evaluated which are the most profitable investments right now. Therefore, investors seek to assess what were the profits … Read more

What is the future of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Argentina

The informality of the economy, the problems for the adoption of the technology and the regulatory loopholes are some of the issues that are at the center of the current debate on the future of economy and the trade in the world. Argentina is not far from this problem and, according to the economist Damián … Read more

How to get the Toyota Corolla Cross SUV car faster from the agency

The Toyota Corolla Cross turned out to be the segment leader and the most sought after SUV. The same question is: is it available at dealerships? For Guillermina Fossati 07/05/2022 – 06,53hs Launched in April 2021, the Toyota Corolla Cross was the big reveal of the SUV cars, a model that came to revolutionize the … Read more

what is Tito like, how much does it cost and what is it for

The car made in San Luis is already for sale. His arrival was all the rage and reservations exceed expectations. What do you have to know before buying it The supply of electric cars grows in the country. But there is one “made in Argentina” that stands out: Tito, produced by the Coradir company in … Read more