The World Cup in Japan and South Korea 2002: the World Cup the fall of the “adults” .. and the “phenomenon” Ronaldo leads Brazil to the title after unprecedented brilliance – Samer Al-Halabi

Subscribe to Al Diyar YouTube channel for free The continent of Asia had the honor of organizing the World Cup for the first time in its history after a long wait because the organization was the preserve of the continents of Europe and Asia, and this time the organization came to fruition with a joint … Read more

Free vaccine for young adults in Uppsala will eradicate cervical cancer

In April, the regional board decided to participate in the research project “Eradication of HPV and cervical cancer”, following recommendations from Sweden’s Municipalities and Regions, SKR, and the Regional Cancer Center, RCC Middle Sweden. – We are involved in this project because we know that it is important to eradicate cervical cancer, says Birgitta Segeblad, … Read more

The wedding of G.Stankevičiaus and A.Butkutė: a stressful situation and a celebration “only for adults” | Names

“We really managed to relax!”, – happily asserts the young woman, who chose the surname Stankevičienė after the wedding. – We have heard many stories about emotional tension, stress and endless things in planning a wedding, which exhausts and overshadows the opportunity to enjoy. Therefore, we did everything to enjoy this stage to the maximum”. … Read more

Long-COVID in Adults and the Projected Burden for Ontario

Study : Understanding post COVID-19 (long COVID) status in adults and the projected burden on Ontario. Image credit: fizkes / Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table Fact Sheets scientists identify basic healthcare needs for adults with long-term COVID. They also highlight the different types of support that need to be provided to these patients and … Read more

Gifted adults: what you need to know

THE ESSENTIAL 2.3% of the French population have an intelligence quotient (IQ) greater than 130 2.3% of the French population have an intelligence quotient (IQ) greater than 130. The benchmark generally used to classify a person as gifted is an IQ of 130. The benchmark generally used to classify a person as gifted is an … Read more

opportunities to get involved in “Erasmus” programs for adults / LR1 / / Latvijas Radio 1

It’s never too late to learn! In Latvia, the opportunity to participate in the “Erasmus” program has existed for quite some time. What has changed since such an opportunity arose, what has been the development and what are the opportunities to improve professionally or academically at present, in the program How to live better reveals … Read more

US Reports First Death of Monkeypox Patient: Adults With Very Weak Immune Systems

TRIBUNJATENG.COM – Of America United States (USA), a patient diagnosed with monkeypox or monkeypox died on Tuesday (29/8/2022). This was conveyed by health officials Texas, USA. It was the first death in the US from the monkeypox virus. Also read: Monkeypox Cases Worldwide Reaches 50,000 The patient was an adult with a severely weakened immune … Read more

A VTuber gave a ‘show’ with toys for adults — Kudasai

It is not the first time that we talk about a Virtual YouTuber (VTuber) of the agency Tama Projectspin-off from the adult toy manufacturer TAMA Toys. Of course, given the parent company’s “pivot,” it was apparent that their VTubers also had a penchant for producing bawdy content. Sure, they don’t upload anything sexually explicit, but … Read more

Pfizer’s RSV vaccine is effective and safe in older adults -study

Aug 25 – Pfizer Inc said Thursday that its respiratory syncytial virus vaccine (VRS) was effective among older adults in a late-stage study, with plans to apply for US health regulator approval in the coming months. There are no licensed vaccines in the United States for VRS, a common virus that often causes mild cold-like … Read more