HIV patient on World AIDS Day: “Today smoking is more dangerous than HIV”

Hope for an mRNA vaccine against HIV Ralf Richter held on to life after his HIV diagnosis. Today he feels fit and healthy and exudes a joie de vivre that would do many grumpy HIV-negative people good. An important glimmer of hope for him was the one published in 2008 Ekaf Study, which proved that … Read more

Why do tachometers ‘lie’? It’s actually mandatory – Advice center – Car

The data on the speedometer of the car usually does not show the actual speed. You can notice this when comparing with GPS data. But it’s not a mistake. The on-board electronics can be wrong, but only in one direction. Photo: Robert Hüttner, Pravda tachometer, auto, kilometre Speedometers usually show a higher speed than the … Read more

Overall, what are you going to do later? Park Mi-sun’s stinging advice to Lee Hae-in, who takes off her underwear and plays the piano

Actor Lee Hae-in revealed the reason why he plays the piano without wearing clothes. Actor Lee Hae-in, who made his face known as a roller coaster, appeared on Channel S’s ‘Attack on Sisters’, which aired on the 29th. On this day, Lee Hae-in replied, “I am active as a million YouTuber” to the MCs who … Read more

Olga Buzova, against the backdrop of marriage advice, was captured in the arms of Roman Gritsenko

Singer Olga Buzova intrigued fans with her friendship with Roman Gritsenko. The blogger starred in a new celebrity video. And fans suspected a romance between the stars. Recall that Olga Buzova, at 36, dreams of marriage. After a divorce from football player Dmitry Tarasov, the TV presenter no longer wore a wedding ring. Fans and … Read more

Ukraine crisis… complete darkness, stopping 3 nuclear plants, and advice on “invincible points”

Updated Wed 11/23/2022 07:17 PM Abu Dhabi time Missile attacks, the closure of nuclear plants and the release of Russian prisoners are the features of a new day in the Ukraine war, which has not ended despite the passage of 9 months since its outbreak. While Russia intensified its attacks on the infrastructure, darkness struck … Read more

5x hair colors that work well for people with thin hair

You don’t choose your hair structure yourself — unfortunately, for some. One is born with a big bush, the other has to make do with a few straight locks along the face. But also for the latter group of people with thin hair, there are plenty of options to do something different with your hair. … Read more

“We must be prepared for the collapse of Russia.” General Hodges – about Ukraine’s path to victory and advice to the Lithuanian authorities

In Vilnius, B. Hodges participated in a conference organized for the generals of the countries of the region, where the war in Ukraine and the restructuring of NATO in response to the Russian threat were discussed. During the conference, he gave a detailed interview to the portal 15minwhere he presented his assessment of the further … Read more

The party is resentful of Bassil’s words… and advice to the latter

Subscribe for free to Al Diyar YouTube channel The information indicated that an intentional leak of a video, during which the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Representative Gebran Bassil, spoke with some of the partisans and supporters of the “movement” in Paris, carried messages to the opponent, the head of the Marada Movement, Suleiman … Read more

Jeff Bezos’ advice for Black Friday

The tycoon and founder of Amazon took advantage of an interview conducted by the US media CNN to urge the general population to “eliminate risks” and choose to keep their savings safe. Bezos also believes that the best option at this time is to postpone large purchases, such as a “car” or a “television screen” … Read more