Expertise & advice: the keys to coherent social and asset protection

In France, when it comes to insurance, the first instinct is to think about covering your property rather than protecting yourself or your loved ones against the vagaries of life. In comparison with our Anglo-Saxon neighbors, the French are less aware of the issues of health insurance, provident insurance and retirement. Yet they find themselves … Read more

Insurance fraud according to § 263 I StGB- Advice and help from a specialist lawyer!

If a policyholder wrongly tries to get a payment from an insurance company by making false claims, this is insurance fraud in accordance with Section 263 I StGB. The General Association of the German Insurance Industry assumes that at least 9% of the damage reports from motor vehicle, property and liability insurance and 16% from … Read more

Opinion and advice on this Life Insurance contract

Attention : this multi-support life insurance contract is reserved for members of the La France Mutualiste mutual insurance company with a life insurance contract 100% in euros. This contract, rightly named, Gateway, therefore allows savers hitherto not exposed to financial risks to go, in part, and while respecting their investor profile, to go to the … Read more

Apple CEO golden rule

An entrepreneur managed to found his own company and grow it quickly thanks to a key lesson he took from the CEO of Apple Many thought that no one would be able to fill Steve Jobs’s shoes at Apple. However, it has become the most valuable company in the world under the leadership of its … Read more

The Loan Service Market Is Projected To Be Resilient During 2021-2030 | Foreign Investor Advice, Fiserv, Mortgage Generator, Nortridge Software

A new market research report on the market Global Loan Service shed light on effective examination techniques that are followed in the Loan Service market. This report summarizes the technologies that can help you overcome business maturity in the years to come. The report also provides detailed information on the world market in terms of … Read more

Is it safe to travel to Bahrain? – Advice, insurance and visa

From September 6, 2020, the entrance to Bahrain is licensed for international travelers (including Spanish citizens). This small island in the Persian Gulf has beaches with crystal clear waters that you can enjoy at any time of the year and a great cultural and historical heritage. If you are thinking of traveling to Bahrain, you … Read more

Tax audit and tax evasion acc. § 370 AO at the pharmacist’s advice and help from a specialist lawyer!

Especially in times of crisis, the inhibition threshold to save money through tax evasion or not to take certain regulations too carefully falls. Mail order and online trading are also affecting the self-employed pharmacists and the merciless price war has already led to some business closings. On the other hand, finance administrations and tax auditors … Read more

They offer advice on pruning in Gómez Palacio

RICARDO BELTR?N The Century of Durango The Directorate of Ecology and Environment in the municipality of Gómez Palacio reported that during the months of January and February tree pruning is free in urban and rural areas. For this work to be carried out properly, taking care of the tree and the environment, information will be … Read more

Investigation proceedings for negligent homicide – advice and help from a specialist lawyer!

The accusation of negligent homicide is usually a charge that is associated with road traffic. However, since November 2020, it has not seldom been raised against nursing staff or those responsible in the medical field. The basic scheme is always the same. The negligent homicide is regulated in § 222 StGB. Somebody must have caused … Read more

Experts give advice on 5 startup expenses when buying a home that are often overlooked

The down payment is the first payment that must be made, but to do so it is advisable to list the key metrics for buying a home such as the security of the area. It is suggested to define a term of use and balance the quality-price factor expected in each option; identify funds, benefits … Read more