from 500 to several thousand euros borrowed and never repaid!

It is a restaurateur from Montigny-le-Tilleul who finds himself having to face serious accusations. His own clients speak of breach of trust, sums of money lent but never reimbursed, sexual proposals… Some have lost from 500 to several thousand euros! ********** ******* *** ******* *** ************ ********* *** ** *** ******* *** ***** ** ******* … Read more

“This international operation aims to fight against various criminal phenomena”

The operation mainly targets drug trafficking and drug tourism. Saturday afternoon, the police have already been able to seize quantities of drugs and prohibited weapons. Drivers have also been caught in the act of driving while intoxicated. The final results of the operation will be announced on Monday. “This international operation aims to combat various … Read more

Al-Ghamdi responds to Shaitah Al-Nasr.. and cites Al-Hilal’s victory as a protest against Al-Ittihad, which caused him to fall from the lead • Al Marsad Sports

Sports Observatory: Sports critic, “Muhammad Al-Ghamdi”, criticized what he described as demonizing Al-Nasr Club due to filing legal cases to obtain its rights. Al-Ghamdi said during his appearance on the “Sports Harvest” program: Whoever tries to distort victory is “funny,” and cited the protest that Al-Hilal won against Al-Ittihad and caused it to fall from … Read more

former Unionist Casper Nielsen scores twice against Antwerp and offers victory to FC Bruges (2-0)

Beaten 2-0 by Club Brugge on Sunday during the fourth day of the playoffs, Antwerp will have to wait before winning the title behind which they have been chasing since 1957. The Antwerpers remain first with 45 points, one ahead of Austria. Union, which travels to Genk (6:30 p.m.). Casper Nielsen’s double (51st, 62nd) does … Read more

“It is likely to appear more and more in Europe”

A Belgian expatriate, currently working in the United States, detailed her work on dengue fever. Important work for the future. Photo iStock Par Sudinfo Published on 05/20/2023 at 19:39 Laura Willen is a 31-year-old Belgian, born in Lanaken in the north of the country. However, it is very far from her native land that the … Read more

Sony’s new barrier-free controller named Access Controller #PlayStation 5 (193631)

The Access controller can be used alone for PlayStation 5, or it can be used with another set of Access controllers or DualSense controllers to meet the needs of people with different disabilities. Sony announced during CES 2023 earlier this yearBarrier-free controller “Project Leonardo”it was confirmed earlier that “Access Controller” (Access Controller) will be used … Read more

Serie A preview: AC Milan VS Sampdoria Milan must take all three points to keep the top four hope

Original title: Serie A preview: AC Milan VS Sampdoria Milan must take all three points to keep the top four hopes AC Milan will have to get back on their winning streak as they have a chance of fighting for a Champions League spot when they take on Sampdoria at home to San Siro this … Read more

IRM issues alert on Belgium and warns of ‘silent killer’

MRI warns of carbon monoxide poisoning this Friday. Each year, the silent killer claims more than a thousand victims in Belgium, of which 2 to 3% die. of videos Under what circumstances is there a danger of CO poisoning? “Carbon monoxide accidents occur mainly during the heating season, between October and March. Most poisonings occur … Read more

Egypt.. A communication against the heroine of the series Jaafar Al-Omda.. and the disclosure of the charge against her

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Egyptian lawyer, Ayman Mahfouz, submitted a complaint to the official authorities, against the actress Juri Bakr, who played the role of “Wadad” in the series Jaafar Al-Omda. The author accused the artist, Juri Bakr, of insulting Egyptian women, especially after her recent statements, according to the Egypt Times website. In the communication, … Read more

the weekly health point in Africa

(Agence Ecofin) – Fight against malaria, measles in the DRC, Marbug in Tanzania and Equatorial Guinea: Some major elements of health news in Africa this week. Fight against malaria: Uncle Sam will support Burundi, Gambia and Togo Burundi, Gambia and Togo will benefit from the support of the United States in the fight against malaria, … Read more