The 1st international exhibition of agricultural technology in Beni Mellal

Béni Mellal hosts from March 2 to 5, the first edition of its International Exhibition of Agricultural and Agri-Food Technology under the sign “intelligent investment for sustainable development”. The organization of this show will allow the Beni Mellal-Khenifra region to attract new investments in the agricultural and agri-food sector and will be an opportunity to … Read more

The agricultural sector exported for a record amount, volume did fall

ANP NOS News•yesterday, 03:21•Amended yesterday, 07:47 The Dutch agricultural sector exported a record amount of agricultural goods last year. More than 122 billion euros was exported, more than 17 percent more than in 2021. Statistics Netherlands and Wageningen University report this. It is the seventh year in a row that an agricultural export record has … Read more

The world’s largest agricultural exhibition takes place in Berlin / Article

“At this exhibition, you can see what German farmers can produce, as well as farmers from all over the world who are here as guests. It’s great to see all the fantastic products that you can get to know here,” said German Agriculture Minister Chem Özdemir. Berlin’s “Green Week” runs until January 29, with around … Read more

Nigeria’s Releaf raises $3.3 million to expand its business in the agricultural industry

(Ecofin Agency) – After the fundraising in September 2021, the agricultural technology company has again approached investors to raise capital and develop two new extraction processes for the oil palm industry in Nigeria. Releaf, a Nigerian agritech that supplies agricultural inputs to consumer goods distribution companies, announced on Monday January 9 the raising of $3.3 … Read more

Mazzette EU, in Rabat’s secret papers Panzeri’s influence for the vote which also penalized Italian agricultural producers

A proposal for a bilateral agreement between the EU and Morocco on liberalization of agricultural and fish products between the EU and the Kingdom is making the European Parliament discuss e enrage European agricultural producersespecially those Italians e Spanish. A green light from Bruxelles would risk penalizing them heavily, by limiting duties on products from … Read more

The government has decided on the fate of the food price caps expiring at the end of the year

The government has extended the food price freeze until April 30, the Ministry of Agriculture told MTI on Tuesday evening. In a press release, the ministry quoted Minister István Nagy, who said: due to the protracted war in Ukraine and the sanctioned inflation that arose as a result of the failed Brussels measures, the government … Read more

Foodwatch: Different agricultural poisons found in raisins | Economy

Raisins were even more heavily contaminated with pesticides last year than in previous years. At least that is what food watchdog foodwatch claims. According to the organization, traces of illegal substances were even found on the popular snack for children. These are products that are sold at various large supermarket chains. Supervisor NVWA says that … Read more

Details of the government and the Central Bank stopping the initiative to finance the industrial and agricultural sector at an interest rate of 8%

Government confirmed andcentral bank In yesterday’s meeting, Tuesday, the granting of new financing or use within the framework of the industrial, agricultural and contracting private sector initiative stopped at a return rate of 8%, provided that the used balance of the initiative is gradually paid in accordance with the terms of the granted facilities, with … Read more

Short-term jujube futures prices still have potential to rise due to tight supply and peak season | Agricultural Products_Sina November 29,red datesThe futures market is generally strong. The highest price of the main contract was 10,910 yuan/ton, and the lowest price was 10,710 yuan/ton, closing at 10,855 yuan/ton, an increase of 1.12%. In terms of production areas, Nanhua Futures pointed out that red dates in Xinjiang are falling one after another, jujube farmers … Read more

Agricultural Futures Market (Nov 21 ’22) / Canola and Wheat weaker, Corn assertive

At the end of the previous week, the wheat price was just about able to gain positive ground. In a weekly comparison, the price dropped from €327.25/t to €325.75/t. The rapeseed price also lost again in a weekly comparison. The price fell from €636.25/t to €610.25/t. December US KC Wheat closed down 3 3/4 cents … Read more