Definitely out of fleet soon: Qatar Airways uses two Airbus A380 as spare parts donors

The golf airline is again using eight superjumbos, two of which are used as spare parts donors. However, the Airbus A380 will only make a brief second guest appearance with Qatar Airways. Chief Akbar Al Baker makes that clear. The Airbus A380 is currently making an unexpected comeback. More and more airlines are bringing him … Read more

Supply chains under pressure: Air India receives Airbus A350 with Aeroflot cabin

The Indian airline will get six Airbus A350s that were actually intended for Aeroflot. Air India takes over the cabin at the same time. Air India is scheduled to receive six Airbus A350s by the end of this year, the airline said. They are part of the record order for 470 aircraft that the airline … Read more

Cathay subsidiary: HK Express gets new livery with Airbus A321 Neo

Cathay Pacific’s low-cost subsidiary has a new design. The first HK Express jet without a skyline on the tail has now appeared at Airbus in Hamburg. In mid-January, Cathay Pacific subsidiary HK Express presented a new visual identity. So far, the planes of the Hong Kong low-cost airline have featured a stylized skyline on the … Read more

Driving in the air – Flying car: Slovakian inventors overtake Boeing and Airbus – News

contents Designer Stefan Klein has been tinkering with the AirCar for decades. Now he has made a breakthrough. At first glance, the white and gray AirCar looks like a sleek, but slightly overlong sports car with a rear spoiler that is a bit too big. Legend: Looks like a car, is one too, but not … Read more

Crew helps woman give birth on 12-hour flight aboard an Airbus A380

A team of Emirates flight attendants were on hand during a flight between Tokyo and Dubai, a 12-hour flight, to help a pregnant woman give birth aboard the world’s largest passenger plane, the Airbus A380. Both the child and the mother are recovering well after the early arrival. In a statement, an airline spokesperson explained: … Read more

Leasing rates: price explosion for Airbus A330

The Airbus A330 Ceo has been out of production since 2020. It is currently experiencing an impressive comeback on the leasing market. Airbus took the crown last year for the fourth consecutive year largest aircraft manufacturer in the world. The Europeans delivered more aircraft and received more orders than American competitor Boeing. But also with … Read more

In the Airbus A350: Lufthansa uses magnet trick for new first-class suites

At the end of the year, the German airline will inaugurate its new First Class. When designing the suites, Lufthansa faced a particular challenge. Lufthansa is introducing a First Class with lockable suites for the first time. The German airline revealed this in autumn 2022. In the private areas with almost floor-to-ceiling walls, there will … Read more

Airbus A340: Edelweiss makes a stopover in Vienna on its way from Phuket to Zurich

Actually, the range of the Airbus A340 of the Swiss holiday airline is more than sufficient for the Phuket – Zurich route. But currently they have to stopover. The reason for this can be found in Thailand. The flight from Phuket to Zurich usually takes around twelve hours. Edelweiss flies the approximately 9,300-kilometer route from … Read more

Airbus is testing the ‘DragonFly’ automated flight system that can save lives in emergency situations

Airbus, one of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers, has begun testing a new and automated flight assistance system that can help in emergencies by diverting a flight. The system is called “DragonFly” and Airbus explains that it can save an aircraft from disaster in emergency situations. The system is able to determine the best flight … Read more

Succession of the Atlantique 2: the DGA notified two studies to Airbus and Dassault

As part of the future replacement program for the French Navy’s Atlantique 2 maritime patrol aircraft, the Directorate General for Armaments announced that it had notified two system architecture studies on December 22. As expected, they were awarded to Airbus Defense and Space and Dassault Aviation, the two aircraft manufacturers positioning themselves on this project … Read more