Qatar Airways lashes out at Airbus and shows video of damage to A350

Qatar Airways has also published a video showing the damage to the A350s. With this, the airline wants to show that Airbus would unjustly trivialize this problem. “As this video clearly shows, the defects [aan de A350] not superficial and one of the defects causes the aircraft lightning protection system to be exposed and damaged, … Read more

5G and airlines in the US: everything we know

Why didn’t the US anticipate 5G like Europe? 2:45 (CNN Business) — Potentially abysmal air travel disruptions were averted this week when telecommunications giants made a last-minute change to their deployment of the 5G network planned out of fears that the new cell towers could interfere with a key component in planes that allows them … Read more

What is happening with 5G and airlines in the United States?

Airlines resume flights to the US after activation of 5G network 0:43 (CNN Español) — the guild aviation and wireless carriers this week grappled with uncertainty over interference between the new 5G cellphone service in the United States and aviation technology. This week US mobile phone companies planned to roll out their 5G service near … Read more

5G and airlines in the US: everything we know

The setbacks facing the US with 5G technology 1:04 New York (CNN Business) — The attempt to implement an expanded mobile service in the United States has been a bit complicated. Aviation industry and transportation regulators are concerned about new antennas 5G they interfere with a key type of aircraft altimeter that is essential for … Read more

When to see Moon Knight, the new Marvel series on Disney Plus: trailer

Moon Knight is the new action-adventure series created for Disney Plus, starring Oscar Isaac and directed by Mohamed Diab. It centers on Marc Spector, a complex vigilante who suffers from dissociative identity disorder. The multiple identities that live inside are different characters that appear in an environment with Egyptian iconography. This Monday the premiere date … Read more

US airlines call for halt to 5G expansion: warning towers could cause fatal disasters

Several famous commercial airlines executives, including Delta, United and Southwest, warn that the 5G network could cause them catastrophic problems. U.S. airlines are calling for a halt to the development of 5G because of the potential danger at airports. In a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration, the Federal Communications Commission and the White House … Read more

The airlines again sent a flight attendant to 828 meters. Even with the largest airliner

“I’m still here,” the flight attendant reports through paper signs, passing on the last message. “Wow, I can see from here to the Dubai Expo. My friends are finally coming, too, ”reads one of the signs, followed by a shot of the Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger airliner. <br> “Fly the Emirates with the … Read more

US airlines say 5G rollout could keep planes on the ground

There could be “catastrophic disruptions” for both travel and transport of goods, if the telecommunications companies roll out the 5G technology on Wednesday, as planned, the letter states, which AFP has been given access to. The telecommunications companies Verizon and AT&T have already postponed the launch of the 5G service twice after airlines and aircraft … Read more

Thousands of signatures under petition to retain Elbers as KLM CEO

The initiators of the petition want the cabinet, as a shareholder of Air France-KLM, to investigate why Elbers has to leave. An attempt should also be made to review the departure. “Pieter Elbers has guided KLM through extremely difficult times and is very popular within the organization and beyond,” say the initiators. KLM employs approximately … Read more

Also permission for GOL and Caribbean Airlines to fly to Suriname again

After Copa Airlines last week got permission In order to fly to Suriname again, the Surinamese government has also granted permission to the airlines GOL (Belem-Paramaribo VV) and Caribbean Airlines (Port of Spain – Paramaribo VV) for a restart. The Ministry of TCT has emphasized that good and optimal cooperation with all actors within the … Read more