Will the national company Air Algeria be privatized?

The option of privatizing certain public enterprises is being seriously considered within the Algerian government. This was declared last week by the Minister of Industry, Ferhat Aït Ali, at the end of the work of the National Conference on the economic recovery plan. Experts are already talking about the possibility of seeing companies like Sonatrach, … Read more

Can we catch Covid-19 twice?

In theory, after a primary infection, the patient develops protective antibodies which provide him with immunity. But in the case of Covid-19, several questions remain unanswered: how long do these antibodies protect us? Are there cases of re-infection, or is it rather patients with “long forms” of the disease? What do we know about the … Read more

COVID19: after Algeria, Morocco removed from the list of the European Union

The European Union has decided to remove Morocco from the list of countries exempt from travel restrictions because of an upsurge in cases of contagion by Covid-19, announced the Council of the EU. Morocco, which had been under observation for two weeks, was removed from the list on August 7, following Algeria, which had been … Read more

Algeria: death of musician composer Said Bouchelouche

Algiers – The musician, composer and arranger, Said Bouchelouche died on Saturday evening in Algiers, at the age of 45, following a long illness, his relatives announced on social networks. Very young already when he had integrated the Algerian Muslim Scouts, he began to be interested in music, and learned on his own, as an … Read more

Algeria: death of Franco-Algerian actor Djemel Barek

Algiers – Franco-Algerian actor and director Djemel Barek died on the night of Thursday to Friday, at the age of 57, following a long illness reported his relatives on social networks. Established in France, Djemel Barek had played in the film “l’Oranais” by Lyes Salem and the television series “El Khawa 2” (2017) and “Ouled … Read more

Algeria: Eid al-Adha maintained, but the heart is not really there

In Algeria, the feast of sacrifice was maintained and informal cattle markets flourished as Eid al-Adha approached, despite severe restrictions on the livestock trade due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But, there too, the heart is not really there. After the explosion of contaminations, the cancellation of the “sacrifice of the sheep” was for a time … Read more

Algeria: Death of musician and conductor châabi Mohamed Ferkioui

Algiers – The musician and conductor châabi, Mohamed Ferkioui, student of Hadj Mhamed El Anka who inspired the project of the orchestra and the documentary film “El Gusto”, died Wednesday in Algiers, at the age of 80 years, after a long illness, we learned from his relatives. Born in 1940 in Algiers, Mohamed Ferkioui had … Read more

update on the latest scientific studies

Scientific studies on SARS-CoV-2, the Covid-19 disease virus, are increasing. France 24 enlightens you on the latest advances on the subject. .. Every day delivers its share of information on the Covid-19. Between people at risk, the means of contamination and the recommended treatments, it is not always easy to be up to date on … Read more

Algeria is preparing for a “big wave” of dangerous mosquitoes

<div id = "firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type = "article" data-bind-html-compile = "article.body" data-first-article-body = " The website of the Algerian newspaper “Al-Shorouk” stated that the ministry has activated the alert and monitoring system in these states, and in other states, it can be invaded by dangerous mosquitoes. “Al-Shorouk” quoted Sabri Jaroud, head of the Department of Epidemiology … Read more

The truth behind Mehrez’s statements that provoked the Moroccans

<div id = "firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type = "article" data-bind-html-compile = "article.body" data-first-article-body = " Mehrez appeared in a live broadcast on the Instagram app, with a sports journalist, and spoke about the hustle of the Algerian fans and the Algerian team, and the title of the African Nations Cup he achieved with his country in 2019. … Read more