The magician Pak Tarno answers the issue of bankruptcy: O Allah Gusti …

Jakarta – Not long ago, magician Mr. Tarno had become the subject of citizen discussion on social media. His appearance in an outstanding video shocked citizens. In the video, the citizen mentioned that Pak Tarno looked shabby like a gembel, Bunda. From the video, there is speculation that Pak Tarno is now bankrupt. Hearing this … Read more

Armed with a knife, he shouts “Allah Akbar”, threatens the police and … the story ends well | Miscellaneous

The facts took place in Nantes this Friday, February 19. At around 11:30 am this Friday, an individual armed with a knife was spotted by the police while he was getting on a bus, relates West-France. A device was quickly deployed to intercept it. The suspect was carrying a satchel and the blade protruded widely. … Read more

The first film adaptation of the novel Allah n’est pas obligé, en camino

15/01/2021 – Zaven Najjar’s animated road movie will oscillate between drama and black humor, between epic storytelling style Greek and satirical awareness as in Persépolis This article is available in English. One of the beneficiaries of the Film Fund Luxembourg’s latest round of funding (during which €13 million were split among 29 projects) is the … Read more

Umbar Dada’s wife accidentally while giggling on IG Live, Rizki DA: Oh Allah

Jakarta, Insertlive – Nadya Mustika is back to being public spotlight after the public highlighted the part of his chest that was exposed when doing his live broadcast on Instagram. In the video that was uploaded back to the Instagram account gosip lambeh_turah, the chest Nadya is seen behind the black hijab she is wearing. … Read more

Suranto’s Wife Called ‘Oh Allah’ When Stabbed in the Heart by Suspect of Family Murder on Tray

Report from Journalist, Ryantono Puji Santoso TRIBUNSOLO.COM, SOLO – The victim’s wife, Suranto (43), Sri Handayani (36), shouted ‘O Allah’ and held her chest when the perpetrator was stabbed in the heart by the perpetrator Henry Taryatmo (41). Sri became the first person to be killed by Henry’s figure at his house in Slemben … Read more