Omicron forces us to rethink the idea of ​​a light covid – Sarah Zhang

January 14, 2022 1:08 pm When the highly transmissible and deadliest delta variant began to rage in the United States in 2021, it threw us into pandemic limbo. The virus remained a danger especially for unvaccinated people, but they wanted to move on. The majority of vaccinated people also wanted to move on. It was … Read more

warning tonight against intense showers in almost all of Wallonia!

Posted on Saturday January 8, 2022 at 11:00 p.m. The IRM warns, Saturday evening, against intense showers in the night from Saturday to Sunday. An alert was triggered throughout Wallonia, except Walloon Brabant. The accumulations over 24 hours may reach or exceed 25 mm in various places. Very locally, accumulations of around 35 or 40 … Read more

In Puglia, the data on Covid hospitalized are close to the first alarm threshold

LECCE – With an increase of 30 units, the number of beds occupied in the Apulian wards of non-critical area by Covid patients has reached 364, equal to 13.5 percent of those available. On the other hand, there are 38 hospitalized in intensive care, which is equivalent to just under 8 percent of the total. … Read more

Biella at an altitude of 278. Virus-free municipalities swooping down –

The contagion curve in the Biella area does not stop and there are fewer and fewer areas with light green colors. This is what emerges from the interactive map of the Piedmont region which shows in real time the progress of the epidemic throughout the territory. The data is constantly rising in almost all municipal … Read more

“He jumped out the window towards the garden, 3-4 meters high”

Posted on Friday, December 17, 2021 at 6:31 a.m. Through Nicolas rooze Geert is devastated… This Wednesday, while he was returning home with his grandson, the Hurlu discovered that someone was upstairs in his house, rue du Purgatoire. The intruder stole jewelry that had enormous sentimental value! The Mouscronnois Geert Loncke will unfortunately remember this … Read more

Delta, Ómicron and the data that worries the most after almost a year of vaccination in Argentina

At the beginning of August this year, the Government decided to give impetus to the second dose against Covid, fundamental to face what was coming: the threat of the Delta variant. However, to 100 days Once the objective has been set and with the Omicron variant within borders, Argentina still has one of the world’s … Read more

Almost all children are highly exposed to chemicals: «We are shocked»

Almost all Belgian children are exposed to chemical substances, such as pesticides, antibiotics or insecticides. This is evident from a new study by consumer organization Test Aankoop, which was presented on Thursday. The researchers used hair samples to determine the extent to which children come into contact with harmful substances. Door Redactie Online &nbsp- 25/11/2021 … Read more

Recall of the vaccine for teachers: administration in schools

LECCE – During the week, the administration of the booster of the anti-covid vaccine to teachers in the province of Lecce is expected to start, within their respective institutes, on the basis of what already happened between winter and last spring. Over 150 doses, meanwhile, were made this morning to teachers in a hub in … Read more

10 Portraits of Gala Sky’s Latest Conditions That Are Almost Recovered, Still Need to be Controlled at the Hospital – Too Spoiled to Fuji

She is still very young, but Fuji managed to be the best aunt for Gala Sky, the son of Vanessa Angel and Aunt Andriansyah. Nicknamed the young mother by netizens, recently Fuji updated Gala’s latest condition in a post Instagram-his. It was there that it was clear that Gala had almost recovered. Curious what the … Read more

We look forward to the visit of the Qatari envoy to Lebanon soon

Representative Ali Darwish said that the issues of the Gulf crisis and the participation of the Shiite duo in the government are completely separated, and the Arab League initiative is supposed to be completed after the picture becomes clear from the Lebanese side, and we look forward to the visit of the Qatari envoy to … Read more