9-year-old boy tragically dies after missing flu shot

Posted on Wednesday February 24, 2021 at 5:23 p.m. By CM A 9-year-old boy dies of pneumonia after missing his flu shot. The cause ? His school changed the vaccine consent system. Less than a week after the vaccination of many pupils at Spotland Primary School in Rochdale (Greater Manchester), Kristers Zemturis fell seriously ill … Read more

Congo Announces Ebola Again

Merdeka.com – The Democratic Republic (RD) of Congo on Sunday announced the re-emergence of Ebola after a woman died from the disease, just three months after the government announced an end to the Ebola outbreak in the country. “We have another episode of the Ebola virus in the Biena health zone in North Kivu Province,” … Read more

Covid, in Italy 66 thousand doses of the Moderna vaccine and in the EU 9 million additional doses of AstraZeneca | Clashes in Brussels, 500 arrests

“While Pfizer and Moderna serve to reduce mortality and the pressure on intensive care, AstraZeneca will serve to reduce the multiplication of infections”, underlines the extraordinary commissioner for the emergency, Domenico Arcuri, explaining the methodology for administering the various vaccines in Italy, especially after the arrival of AstraZeneca which Aifa has preferably indicated for the … Read more

Covid, the Pfizer contract: from non-automatic penalties to six doses per vial

January 25, 2021 9:03 am REAL TIME From the secret papers, signed by the EU and pharmaceutical companies, it emerges that the sanctions are applicable “exclusively on quarterly and not weekly supplies”. Meanwhile, a parallel agreement between Germany and BioNTech emerges 25 gen 08:56 AstraZeneca reassures the EU: “Soon millions of doses” 25 gen 08:50 … Read more

The rate of infections continues to skyrocket in the United Kingdom, which adds almost 55,000 cases in one day

UK continues to chain alarming numbers of infections and registered 54,990 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, according to data released this Sunday by the British Ministry of Health, which also notified 454 new deaths. The figures released this Sunday are lower than those released last day, when a record of daily … Read more

Almost 40% of the price of oranges goes to taxes

38.3% of the average price of a kilo of oranges It corresponds to national and provincial taxes and municipal rates, with which the State in its three levels is the main beneficiary each time a consumer buys the fruit, according to a survey carried out by the Argentine Confederation of Medium Enterprises (CAME). The tax … Read more

Isabel Franc: “Life after cancer is no longer the same … but almost the same”

Death from breast cancer remains taboo. “Women do not die from this tumor, it seems that they always die from a long illness or an accident,” says the Catalan writer and novelist Isabel Franc. “This invisibility creates greater stigma among those who suffer from the ailment. Alice in a real world it acts as a … Read more

The Bolivian tragedy almost 200 years after its independence – Latin America – International

Even though it is tragic and bloody, the conflict that Bolivia is experiencing can be considered one more accident in the stormy history of the country that Simón Bolívar created as the model for the continental nation that dreamed of as Gran Colombia. Three centuries of subjugation under the Inca Empire and three centuries of … Read more

almost 300 new cases and 5 deaths

380 were negative. 279 new positive cases were registered by PCR. Cases confirmed by epidemiological clinical link: 17. It may interest you: Coronavirus in Mendoza: when the restrictions start Positive by PCR: Nexus due to close contact with COVID-19 positives: 205 patients. All with family ties and close contacts who presented symptoms and the Health … Read more

ADRs lose up to 6.2% on Wall Street and country risk rises to almost 2,300 points

In that context, the S&P Merval index of Argentine Stock Exchanges and Markets (BYMA) lost 1.3% to 48,240 units, after falling more than 3% at the start of the day; while Argentine stocks in Wall Street fell to 6.2%, led by the decline in IRSA. Investors, meanwhile, remain on the lookout for concrete signals around … Read more