An imaginative design for the Playstation 6 console.. Discover the new developments

Although Sony has officially stated that the PlayStation 6 gaming platform is expected to be released in 2027, an enthusiastic designer imagines what the console will look like. The PlayStation 6 is designed as Sony’s next generation gaming console. And just like its predecessor, it is expected to be the most popular gaming console in … Read more

“Francisca García-Huidobro is a very good mother, she has 100% custody of her son, so she deserves a vacation alone…”, defends Francisco Kaminski Glamorama

Author: Glamorama Team / January 27, 2023 “Fran is a very good mother, she has 100% custody of her son, so obviously she deserves a vacation alone,” Francisco Kaminski defended Francisca García-Huidobro after the criticism that the 49-year-old communicator received on Instagram for spend their vacations outside of Chile without their 16-year-old son. García-Huidobro and … Read more

WhatsApp Launches a New Feature, Ready to Use Android or iOS, What’s That?

KBB NEWS– Communication application WhatsApp always present many of the latest features that make users more comfortable. WhatsApp become a medium for contacting people around us either via chat, voice call or video call. In addition, there are many other functions that users can take advantage of WhatsApp in carrying out daily activities. Read Also: … Read more

‘Park Seong-gwang♥’ Lee Sol-yi, summer alone… Family travel sense swimsuit look

[마이데일리 = 오윤주 기자] Comedian Park Seong-gwang (41) and his wife Lee Sol-yi (34) reported on their recent overseas trip. Lee Sol-yi shared a photo on the 14th, saying, “It’s summer alone. It’s still a weather in Korea where you can find warmth.” It is a picture of enjoying leisure time in a swimming pool … Read more

Without mercy, heart, or fear.. a mother went to attend wedding parties and left her infant daughter at home alone.. and when she came back late, the shock was unimaginable and no human being can bear!

2022/10/31 12:45 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite Mothers have always been the most loving people with children and may sacrifice their lives for their children, but some stories are strange. She was not like other mothers who devote their lives to their children, as she left the house for 6 consecutive days, which made … Read more

“FIFA” does not have the right to change alone.. 4 countries control the laws of football

– Advertisement – Country- can’t The International Federation of Football (FIFA), the adoption of a new law in the popular game of football alone, without the consent of those 4 countries. On the second day of June 1886, . was founded International Football Association BoardWhich includes the four countries, namely: (England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales), as … Read more

“Nutty Natchaya”, a Soul & Jazz singer, debuts as a new artist from Melody Connor label with the song Lonely? (Just Leave Me Alone)

It’s time to introduce yourself as a new artist for “Nutty Natchaya” or Natty-Natchaya Srinammang in the song Lonely? (Just Leave Me Alone) Welcome to “Melodic Corner” under Music Move Co., Ltd. Urban Jazz music label that gathers new artists to watch in the style of Soul & Jazz. look Let’s decorate the music industry … Read more

Turning the match against the opponent and not bearing the tie alone.. Mahrez’s performance reactions against Aston Villa

Find out the fans’ reactions to Riyad Mahrez’s performance against Aston Villa. Manchester City drew against its host Aston Villa in the match that brought the two teams together at the latter’s stadium in the sixth round of the English Premier League, with a goal for the same. The equalizer came with the participation of … Read more

It sold 1.25 trillion won in Naver alone… What |

Even after social distancing was lifted, the golf market continued to rise, a survey result showed. Item Scout, an e-commerce data analysis platform, announced on the 18th that over the past six months, the golf category sales in Naver Shopping recorded about 1.25 trillion won. This is a result of analyzing sales data of the … Read more

It is impossible for Daewoo Shipbuilding to survive alone… separate sale over the water

Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) resumed launching work at the first dock at the Okpo Shipyard in Geoje, Gyeongnam, which was suspended due to the occupation and siege of subcontractors on the 23rd, after five weeks. Dock 1, with a length of 530m, is a core facility in the shipyard that can build four … Read more