NASA Telescope Captures 11.5 Billion Year Old Galactic Knot Sightings – NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope is reported to have captured an image of a triad of galaxies thought to have formed around a quasar, a very powerful active galactic nucleus, 11.5 billion years ago, more than 2 billion years after the Big Bang. This news was broadcast through the Space Telescope Science Institute’s … Read more

Astronomers Surprised To Find This Strange Phenomenon In “Black Hole” – Scientists and astronomers were shocked to witness a strange phenomenon that showed a black hole (black hole) re-ejecting the star it had swallowed in 2018. Initially scientists and astronomers saw that a small star located in a galaxy 665 million light years from Earth was swallowed up because it was too close to … Read more

Apple’s Apple Music includes more than 100 million songs

Apple emphasizes that even though the current collection of music songs is quite large, it will still insist on selecting songs through manual arrangement, so that the recommended music content can be more humane, and even easier to establish the connection between music fans and singers and creators. In addition, through the recommendation of professional … Read more

Observer about iPhone 14: The enthusiasm will be higher than the previous product – iPhone 14 has been registered and passed certification from the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo). It seems that this smartphone made by Apple will soon be released in Indonesia. The details of when is still a mystery. However, based on information, next November the device can be adopted by Indonesian users. Seeing … Read more

Niantic Web Version Lightship Visual Positioning System Launches AR Augmented Reality Application to More Devices Using #WebAR (183109)

Constructing interactive content in the form of web pages is not limited by Android or iOS device platforms, and can even be used by devices without LiDAR sensors. At the same time, it can also be constructed using more than 100,000 activated Lightship visual positioning system locations. Your own mobile positioning WebAR experience, which includes … Read more

Princess Kate at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth: After all, she is already…

20.9. 11:16 Princess Kate was as lovely as ever at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, but one thing freaked everyone out… The views of those present at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth (†96) focused on the royal family. Kate, Princess of Wales (40), prepared elegantly and tastefully for the Queen’s funeral. Although it is not her habit … Read more

The Mystery of the Origin of Saturn’s Rings Now Solved – Saturn is the sixth planet in the solar system known for its rings around it. Even with the rings, Saturn gets the title as the most conspicuous planet in the solar system. The ring that revolves around the planet Saturn initially baffled scientists, although various theories about the ring’s formation have been explained. … Read more

September 17 Incident: The Discovery of Saturn’s Satellite, This is History – Saturn is the second largest planet in solar system. This planet, dubbed the gas giant, has a diameter of up to 120,536 km with hydrogen and helium as its main constituents. In addition to its large shape, Saturn is also known to have the largest number of satellites in the solar system. It … Read more

Monkeypox Vaccine to be Produced for 24 Hours Due to High Demand – Bavarian Nordic A/S, the only pharmaceutical company whose monkeypox vaccine is licensed, said it is preparing production of a monkeypox vaccine that will last for 24 hours due to high demand. Demand for this vaccine soared after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared monkeypox a global health emergency. According to WHO data, currently … Read more