an anti-vaccine radio host with Covid-19 changes his mind

Published on : 25/07/2021 – 09:36 In the United States, authorities continue to call on people to get vaccinated, especially in the southern states. The majority of new cases involve unvaccinated people. This is the case of a famous radio host from Tennessee opposed to vaccination, and now hospitalized with a serious form. With our … Read more

With the most advanced vaccination in the Americas, Chile sees a drastic drop in cases and starts to reopen

With 71% of its population vaccinated with at least one dose and 61.4% with both, the Chile it has the most advanced anti-Covid vaccination campaign in the Americas when considering full immunization. It is also one of the most advanced on the planet, ahead of the European Union, the United Kingdom and Israel, for example. … Read more

Gabriella Laberge reflects on her performance at America’s got talent

The Quebec singer and violinist Gabriella Laberge, who blown away the judges of the American show “America’s Got Talent” by performing brilliantly “Goodbye My Lover” on stage Tuesday evening, is already seeing her life change. • Read also: Quebecker Gabriella made America’s Got Talent a shambles • Read also: VIDEOS | America’s Got Talent: Quebecers … Read more

Meet Medhat Mamdouh, the Egyptian who wowed the America’s Got Talent jury | news

Egyptian contestant Medhat Mamdouh caught the judges of America’s Got Talent because of his exceptional talent for linking his playing on the Record instrument with the Beatbox. Who is Medhat Mamdouh? Medhat Mamdouh is 28 years old. – He started playing at the age of 12, he did not intend to play professionally because of … Read more

America’s national basketball team suffers a surprise loss against Australia

The American basketball team suffered its second defeat in a row in a friendly match, as it suffered a sudden loss (91-83) against Australia in Las Vegas. The defeat comes two days after the first setback for the United States against Nigeria, as part of the preparations for participation in the Tokyo Olympics. San Antonio … Read more

Melissa Klug ‘marks her territory’ with Jesús Barco: “This daddy is mine” | Jefferson Farfán | America’s Cup | SHOWS

Melissa Klug, the young businesswoman and mother of the children of Jefferson Farfan, live a good time when it comes to love and is that she is in love with the footballer Jesus Boat. SIGHT: Melissa reveals that Samahara was called to dance with Jossmery and Ítalo: “Imagine, they wanted a show” The chalaca and … Read more

American Politics, USA | Experts rank America’s best and worst presidents

The experts point out many of the same presidents, but still stand out on some points. The online newspaper has asked a historian and a researcher to rank America’s best and worst presidents of all time, and which presidents are their favorites. The two US experts highlight many of the same presidents, but still stand … Read more

America’s Cup ︱ Mess and Ronald Cron “same day” 5 years ago to win the cup for the Argentine team to break through the Golden Globes (12:37)-20210711-Sports-News

Although Mess did not score and assist in the finals, it did not prevent him from being selected as the best player in the tournament. After the game, he was thrown high by his teammates to celebrate. As a former teammate of Barcelona, ​​Brazil star Nima also moved to embrace Metz after the game. After … Read more