Putin’s journalist was raped in Ukraine. Kadyrov’s nephew was supposed to be among the attackers

Chechen fighters were supposed to have raped Russian pro-regime journalist Olga Zenkova in Ukraine, who was filming a propaganda report in occupied Melitopol. Allegedly, among them was the nephew of their leader Ramzan Kadyrov, a great ally of Vladimir Putin. A letter from the management of the Russian television NTV addressed to the authorities, in … Read more

FTX claims that Wall Street heavyweights are among its creditors

FTX advisers claim bankruptcy cryptocurrencies the company is indebted to a dizzying array of firms, including “Goldman Sachs Group“, „JPMorgan Chase” and “Wells Fargo,” according to court documents. The 116-page document filed last week detailing FTX’s creditors contains thousands of entries and names have been redacted. But the globe-spanning list reveals that many Wall Street … Read more

PAMI launched a service so that its members can control their blood pressure in their pharmacies

High blood pressure affects one in three older people. PAMI launched a new service so that all members can have their blood pressure checked at the pharmacies where they usually pick up their medicines, making it which will benefit more than 1.6 million affiliates who perform hypertensive treatment. The measure is part of the “Prevent … Read more

Samsung Galaxy smartphones are among the most popular in Poland. Check why

achievementsHandler#handleClickOnArticle”> Smartphones from the Samsung Galaxy series are among the most willingly bought in Poland and there is nothing strange about it. These are excellent devices equipped with sensational cameras, equipped with very good AMOLED displays, and additionally sold at affordable prices. So let’s check out the most interesting offers for last year’s models. The … Read more

Michel Claise and financial crime: “I wonder if there is not among some politicians the fear that the fight will weaken their voters.”

Regarding drug trafficking, Jean-Marc Gheraille, editor-in-chief of the DH, notably asked him what he thought of the idea of ​​seconding soldiers to Antwerp: “An army presence was justified in a context of terrorism, we could attack people”replied the judge. “But not in the context of the fight against drug trafficking. We need police officers, magistrates, … Read more

Why the new Civic is among the best hybrids ever launched in Brazil – 01/26/2023

The Civic has a long history in the Brazilian market, in which the fifth generation began to be sold in 1992, still imported. It was manufactured in Brazil between October 1997 and December 2021. There was always a fierce dispute in the medium-compact market, especially with the Corolla, which ended up winning the parade. Even … Read more

No spread of bird flu among mammals in the Netherlands

Editorial Kirsten Graumans business editor In the Netherlands, several (wild) mammals became infected with highly pathogenic bird flu last year. However, according to researchers at Wageningen Bioveterinary Research (WBVR), there is no question of the virus spreading between mammals. “Genetic analysis of the viruses from Dutch mammals showed that they are not closely related to … Read more

Senegalese Sobel Ngom among the members of the advisory board of the “Freedom of Mobility Forum”

The young Senegalese entrepreneur Sobel Ngom was selected among the 7 members of the advisory board of the ” Freedom of Mobility Forum »,an international initiative which aims to create the conditions for a transparent and fact-based dialogue to address the most pressing mobility issues in the context of climate change. This advisory board is … Read more

Which is the ONLY Argentine rural town chosen among the best in the world

In order to recognize the rural destinations that make tourism an engine of development while preserving the values ​​and products of the community, the World Tourism Organization (OMT) published its ranking Best Tourism Villages 2022. The list, which also rewards destinations for their commitment to innovation and with the economic, social and environmental sustainability, It’s … Read more