Avisa Nordland – Bodø is among 15 municipalities in the north that are considering the Søring quarantine – 12 keep the door ajar

15 mayors in northern Norway inform NTB that their municipality is considering introducing the Søring quarantine. Twelve keep the door ajar and 16 say no to such a quarantine. NTB has asked all mayors in Nordland and Troms and Finnmark whether their municipality will consider introducing the Søring quarantine due to the mutant outbreak in … Read more

Israel: contagion among people over 60 falls after vaccine application

A group of medical researchers from Israel reported this Friday that COVID-19 infections plummeted among people over 60 who were previously inoculated with the Pfizer-BioNtech in that country. In a report collected by Daily Mail, the KSM Maccabi Research and Innovation Center reported this “significant decrease” in the number of infections by the new coronavirus … Read more

LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga will feature over 300 playable characters and Babu Frik will be among them

LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga is going to have playable characters through a tube and one of the most dazzled audiences in Episode IX will also be there. Babu Frik will be present. LEGOs are back in style this year with their most ambitious installment to date. LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Presented … Read more

River Plate: includes four Chileans and other acquaintances of national football among the worst reinforcements of the century

In Argentina the Olé newspaper was given the task of rescuing the worst reinforcements of the last time in River Plate and the Chilean nationalized striker, Marcelo larrondo, is ranked 14th on the list. The former La Calera and O’Higgins player arrived at Millo in July 2016 to go out on loan to Defensa y … Read more

Barcelona SC vs. Emelec is the only Classic in Ecuador and FourFourTwo magazine places it among the 50 largest in the world | National Championship | sports

Emelec vs. Barcelona or Barcelona vs. Emelech. El del Astillero is the only Clásico in Ecuador recognized by the British soccer magazine FourFourTwo and is among the “largest in the world” popular drag clashes. In a post of December 12, 2020, FourFourTwo mentions that the duel between Emelec and Barcelona is in 34th place of … Read more

Visual challenge. Find Donald Trump among the tribbles

Millennium Digital Mexico City / 22.01.2021 11:34:24 Shortly after former US President Donald Trump left the White House, he traveled to Lota Geminorum IV, the planet from the iconic Star Treck series and got lost among a lot of tribbles. Just like we did when we challenged you to find Joe Biden, enter the crowd, … Read more

Crédit Agricole in a campaign to raise awareness among young drivers – Image

January 20, 2021 at 9:26 PM By VALENTINE PUAUX Havas Sports & Entertainment, Havas Media and Socialyse Paris are supporting Crédit Agricole in a road safety awareness campaign aimed at young drivers. The advertiser calls on these three entities to launch the “Security Trophy”, a first amateur e-sport tournament, where caution is required on the … Read more

Tottenham and West Ham among clubs queuing for Jesse Lingard

Tottenham, West Ham and Sheffield United are among the many clubs ‘lining up’ to sign Jesse Lingard on loan, but Manchester United remain reluctant to cut their squad in the current climate. The forward, who has been with the Red Devils for 21 years, has barely appeared at the club in the last 18 months. … Read more