Why is Russia destroying its own civil planes? Among them, among others the new Airbus A350

The Russian aviation industry has a big problem. Due to the lack of spare parts, civil aircraft with damaged components are repaired with parts recovered from operational aircraft, which were intended for “donors”. Russians are dismantling civil planes. Why? Sanctions imposed on Russia by Western companies have a heavy impact on the economy of that … Read more

Crash in via Flaminia, the car flies after having overturned: a woman among the sheets

ANCONA – Road accident this afternoon along via Flaminia, near the Arti e Mestieri club. Due to causes under investigation, a car collided with another parked vehicle, after having damaged another 7 regularly parked cars. Both vehicles then overturned and one of them flew onto the pavement, ending its run against a Saracince. The worst … Read more

Three palaces in Marrakech among the 100 best in the world

Royal Mansour Marrakech. DR The results came in recently and they are eloquent for Morocco’s luxury hotels: three of them feature prominently in the list of the World’s Best Awards 2022, the prestigious annual ranking of Travel + Leisure which rewards the very best hotel establishments in the world. Each year, this famous travel magazine … Read more

Among 9 women, NASA is preparing to choose the first woman in history to land on the moon

Published in:Saturday 6 August 2022 – 1:06 PM| Last updated:Saturday 6 August 2022 – 1:06 PM More than half a century after the first man landed on the moon, the Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, now the American “NASA” agency is preparing to choose the first woman to land on the moon among the 9 female … Read more

Covid emergency in Venice: 13 positive among the members

The Covid-19 nightmare falls back on football with an important outbreak that has developed in these hours inside the Venice.The lagoon company, with an official press release, announced the positivity of 13 elements.“Today Venezia FC announces that 13 club members have tested positive for Covid-19. Informed the competent health authorities, the members were promptly placed … Read more

4 cars in the second-hand market, starting from 33,000 pounds.. Among them, Kia Sirat

04:04 PM Friday 05 August 2022 second hand market Books – Muhammad Jamal: A large segment of the car market customers is looking for a medium-priced used car that provides the minimum level of luxury and at the same time suits their economic conditions. Despite the unprecedented rises in the prices of all cars, especially … Read more

Slow monkey pox vaccination campaign sparks anger among gay men: ‘I lied about having sex with infected person to get the shot’

Monkeypox is not a they problem but a us problem: why isn’t the vaccine available to everyone who wants it?© Photo Marcel Molle Daan Keijzer Friday, August 5, 2022 at 10:21 am Zaandam Too slow and too stigmatizing. For example, the vaccination campaign against the monkeypox virus is experienced by two gay men, who are … Read more

The unrest among the Conservatives is a gift package for Labour. Can Keir Starmer take advantage of it?

While the Conservative Party wonders who will take over their helm, many are wondering if Keir Starmer is the right man for Labour. 4. aug. 2022 22:54 Last updated 20 minutes ago Visionless. Robotic. The words used about Labor leader Keir Starmer are not exactly flattering. The caricaturists in Britain enjoy portraying him as a … Read more

Congonhas celebrates placement among the ten best airports in South America

Image: Infraero Congonhas Airport, in São Paulo, was elected the 10th best air terminal in South America, in the World Airport Awards 2022, promoted by the British consultancy Skytrax. The rating is attributed to an annual airport customer satisfaction survey, carried out since 1999 by Skytrax worldwide, with around 13 million questionnaires, answered by air … Read more