Attention to foreign countries at Pride Amsterdam: ‘I didn’t feel like a citizen’

Since the foundation was established five years ago, Verhoeven has been able to lower nine flags, with the last country being Bhutan. Last year, the parliament of the South Asian country canceled the criminalization of homosexuality. During the Pride opening, Cornelis Klein, honorary consul of Bhutan, received his national flag and a Pride flag. It … Read more

Amsterdam councilor remains squarely behind the position of ‘gay haters’ Urk | Flevoland

Amsterdam D66 councilor Jan-Bert Vroege received many angry reactions from Urk after his statements about the fact that white boys with a fishing background often cause aggression against gays in the fishing village. He was surprised at the many reactions, but he has no regrets about his statements. “If I gave food for a discussion, … Read more

Motorist in Amsterdam drives on after collision with girl (14)

Yesterday afternoon, a 14-year-old girl was seriously injured in Amsterdam-Noord when she was hit by a car on her bicycle. The driver ran off after the accident, leaving the teenager in the street. The girl’s mother says to the local station AT5 that her daughter has suffered a skull fracture. Because of the blow, she … Read more

Famous lecturer at the Amsterdam Academy of Music at Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival Culture

This group came together in 2020. At the beginning of the 19th century, when the pandemic broke out, at the Amsterdam Conservatory of Jazz Music, on the initiative of drummer Kaspars Petkus, who was studying there. “Finding the solution that sounds best in music takes as much as finding amber in the sea in the … Read more

Detecting brain tumors with a simple urine test

When a brain tumor has been removed from patients, there is a high chance that the tumor will come back. That is why they have a follow-up check with an MRI scan every three months. The researchers, led by Florent Moulière, based in Amsterdam UMC, and Richard Mair of the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, … Read more

In Amsterdam, they placed a steel bridge made using 3D printing

3D printing can be used to produce a variety of products. Company MX3D used this technology to build a 12-meter-long, 6.3-meter-wide and 4.5-tonne bridge, which is now in Amsterdam over the Oudezijds Achterburgwal canal. In this case, however, 3D printing is a technology based on standard welding (welding wires were used, a total of 6 … Read more

First shot in Amsterdam now also without an appointment • ‘No vaccinations for British teenagers’

From new wave of corona infections Initially mainly affected young people, but now the number of cases is also increasing in nursing homes. On Wednesday, 25 nursing home residents tested positive, the highest number since May 5. In the past four weeks, there were at least 36 locations where at least one corona infection was … Read more

Week of declines for European stock exchanges, Milan drops 1%, only Amsterdam is saved

As for the session of Friday 16 July, the fears caused by the numbers on infections have again kept the situation in check European stock exchanges, which thus closed down, also discouraged by Wall Street, in negative after a good start and which then closed down: Dow Jones at -0.86%, Nasdaq at -0.80% and S&P … Read more

Dutch journalist shot dead in Amsterdam

De Vries, 64, was reportedly shot dead on the evening of July 6 at a television studio. The journalist, who was sent five bullets, was then taken to hospital. “Peter fought to the last, but he lost the battle,” the deceased’s relatives said in a statement released by the private broadcaster RTL. “At the time … Read more

The shot Dutch journalist Peter de Vries died in hospital

Dutch investigative journalist Peter de Vries, who was shot a week ago on a street in Amsterdam, died in hospital. This was announced by RTL television, for which he worked. “Peter fought to the end, but he was not able to win this battle,” the family said in a statement, according to Dutch television RTL. … Read more